6th graders must learn how to give ‘consent’ before having sex, says new Illinois law

KHQA. Springfield, ILL. — A new law is changing how sex education is taught in Illinois schools.

Beyond teaching students the science behind sex, Illinois teachers will now have to go into what consent means before having sex. Teaching consent will now be incorporated into sex education, starting in 6th grade.

The law includes a definition of consent, which includes the following things:

Consent is a freely given agreement to sexual activity,

Consent to one particular sexual activity does not constitute consent to other types of sexual activities,

A person’s lack of verbal or physical resistance or submission resulting from the use or threat of force does not constitute consent.

“Boys and girls need to understand at a young age what boundaries are, what’s ok to do, what’s not ok to do,” Springfield resident Jocelyn Chila said.

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