7 Things to know about Muslim Community Patrol cars in NYC

A shocking short documentary exposing the secret agenda behind the controversial Muslim Patrol Cars policing the streets of New York City.

With the aid of confidential informants, the video divulges several alarming facts behind the newly created Muslim Community Patrol & Services (MCP&S), which began launching patrol cars in New York City in November 2018.

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    • @Sandra Electing Democrats has nothing to do with making this situation any better or worse… how about the community actually having a discussion with this group and figuring out why they need such a group and Making them realize their limitations they have as citizens and how they can not cross certain lines.

      • I beg to differ. New York has enabled criminal activity and anti-law enforcement rhetoric for years now, and it all comes back to their politics and culture, which traces back to Democratic leadership. Sad to say, many democratic run states and cities have major issues due to poor leadership and legislation. The democratic leadership cater to the radicalized minority groups (muslims, lgbtq, antifa, undocumented, etc…). This is what happens when you have Democrats running your state and city. God forbid they win the election and run the country too.


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