A Study On Transgender Children Receives $1 Million Of Our Tax Money From The National Science Foundation

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$1 million federal grant will help study transgender kids….including some as young as 3.” The age range is 3 to 12. And the money is doled out over a 5-year timespan.  

My question: How does a 3-year-old child know whether they are of the opposite biological sex (transgender) without an adult feeding them information (false rhetoric)? 

Folks, our tax dollars are funding a study of biological female and biological male children that have been indoctrinated to the myth that they are born in the wrong body.  

Biology, anatomy, and physiology inform us that there are only two sexes: male and female. Science, logic, reasoning, and common sense tell us the very same thing – two sexes.

The radical transgender movement is a cult. Gender ideology is nothing more than a theory. So, why are the Feds gifting our tax money to a nonscientific ‘research’ project on trans kids? 

Read the following, use your critical thinking skills, and come to your own conclusions. 

The U.S. government created an “independent federal agency” called the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 1950 which gives away one million dollars annually and calls it the Aland T. Waterman Award. The competition includes “about 50,000 research proposals every year.” 

You can view a brief video about the NSF funding projects. “NSF-supported fundamental research helps drive our nation’s economy, enhance our security, advance our knowledge to sustain global leadership, and transform our future.”  

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is governed by the NSF Act of 1950, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1861-75, our “Organic Act” or the “NSF Act”) and other statutes, such as the Science and Engineering Equal Opportunities Act and various permanent (“codified”) sections of legislation authorizing and making appropriations to the Foundation. 

The Office of Legislative and Public Affairs’ Congressional Team is the principal point of contact between Congress and the NSFWe coordinate requests for information, coordinate NSF officials’ appearances at Congressional hearings, ensure timely responses to congressionally mandated reports and correspondence, arrange meetings with Members of Congress and their staff, and arrange site visits to NSF-supported facilities. 

Enter Czar Joe Biden and Clueless VP Kamal Harris. 

On March 28, 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration released the detailed FY 2023 budget request to Congress, which firmly supports “the National Science Foundation mission to advance the frontiers of U.S. science and technology progress.” 

The NSF awards The Alan T. Waterman Award  (one million dollars) yearly. Again, it’s taxpayer money. 

Kristina Olson, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, became the first psychologist (and the first UW scientist) to receive the NSF’s prestigious $1 million Waterman award and the first woman to win it since 2004.  

My question: How does a psychologist of sociology become the first UW scientist?

Here’s why she was awarded one million dollars of taxpayer hard-earned money from NSF: 

Olson’s early research focused on how children come to understand inequality, bias, and social groups, and over the past few years, she’s woven those interests together in the TransYouth Project, the first large-scale US study of transgender children. The study launched in 2013, and Olson aims to follow a group of 300 children for 20 years to better understand their social and cognitive development.” 

Olson’s co-researcher is Selin Gülgöz, another zealot in the trans movement cult. 

My questions: Hmmm. What adult(s) told 300 children they are transgender? Who lied to 300 children and declared they were born in the wrong body?  

And Olson gets lots more funding. “With her MacArthur grant, Olson will receive another $625,000 to advance her work on transgender and gender-nonconforming youth.” 

Go to her vitae and feast your eyes upon the bucket loads of grant money she has received to ‘study’ transgenderism in children. Wow! 

My questions: Who is investing all that gold into inquiries about trans kids? What is the motivation and purpose? Who are they trying to convince?  

Follow the transgender ideology (theory) trail. Follow the money trail. Follow the power trail.  

Due to my knowledge of child development via education; professional credentials and licenses out the wazoo; and decades of experience as a child therapist, I am calling Olson’s research data results pure hogwash. To pretend that a bio boy could simply put on a dress and lipstick – and then all would be well with the world is living in la-la land. To pretend a bio girl could simply cut her hair and bind her breasts to enjoy life is a fairytale.  

Journalist Julie Kelly for The Federalist penned, “Scientific American’s Transgenderism Issue Only Delegitimizes Science.” 

And guess who the article in Scientific America is about? Kristina Olson. In reference to a 3-year-old, Kelly declared, “Set aside for a moment the utterly ridiculous idea that a child who is just learning to use the bathroom, spell his name, and the days of the week would qualify for this project, it is far too early to reach any scientific conclusions about transgender children (the project started in 2013).” 

Kelly asserted, “People’s Feelings Cannot Change Their Genetics.” Just became a bio male feels like a female, it does not make him a female. And furthermore, you cannot “change the scientific, biological fact he is a boy, and to present this in a leading scientific journal, as if sex is a state of mind rather than a genetic reality, is irresponsible at best and dishonest at the very worst.” 

I agree with Kelly. But do you know what does change? Feelings. And you cannot base facts on feelings. Facts don’t change. Biological sex doesn’t change – ever. When did social science become a field based on emotions?

Go to the University of Washington website and read Olson’s 2019 study results. “Among transgender children, gender identity as strong as in cisgender children, study shows.” 

“Cisgender” is another new buzzword for a biological human that adheres to the biological sex with which he/she were born. How clever – change words to change thoughts to change responses and behaviors to change society’s beliefs and viewpoints.  

For the project’s initial study, Olson examined patterns of gender cognition of non-trans and transgender elementary-aged children using both self-report measures and computer-administered implicit association tests, which were based on participants’ automatic reaction times to images most relevant to them.” 

What? She relied on what the children told her. And a computer test on images and how quickly the children reacted. Really? Doesn’t Olson know that children have incredible imaginations and love to tell stories? 

Again, I call hogwash on Olson’s study results as well. A bio-male child cannot become a female. A bio female child cannot become a male. It’s impossible. It’s magical thinking. It’s not science.   

“In addition to advancing the scientific understanding of gender, Olson’s rigorous research is already informing standards of care guidelines for clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians, and it holds the potential to yield valuable insights about how transgender youth function psychologically as they enter adolescence and adulthood.” 

So, medical practitioners are using data from Olson’s mythical gender study outcomes. Really? I doubt that medical professionals are fooled by her data. However, trans movement zealots from the trans movement cult would only be too thrilled to shout the bogus findings.  

And the victims are the children.

It appears that Olson is now employed by Princeton University, NJ, and directs a Human Diversity Lab.

Please note that according to Olson, her study is not about puberty blockers or sex reassignment surgeries (aka mutilation) for children. In my opinion, her transgender theory is a precursor to medication and surgery. 

Here’s an interesting tidbit. The World Economic Forum’s website (founder Klaus Schwab) heralds Olson’s study and transgender ideology (aka gender fluidity).  

Schwab proclaims, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” That’s the guy. Schwab is a wanna-be dictator of socialism-Marxism-totalitarianism. His BFF is Yuval Harari, a self-proclaimed prophet of transhumanism and immortality. Watch the movie series called The Matrix. 

Folks, are you connecting the transgender dots?

How cruel that an adult would tell or allow a child to believe that he was born in the wrong body. 

How horrific to encourage a child to divorce his brain from his body as if his amazing human body was a foreigner, an alien, a stranger or nothing more than a bag of bones, muscle, cells, and skin to loathe.  

How egregious for an adult to tell a child that she can adopt a totally new identity by defacing, damaging and disfiguring her body.  

Just believe you are a unicorn and you will become a unicorn. And if the rest of the world doesn’t believe or accept you as a unicorn – they are bigots, haters, and unicornphobics and woke cancel culture will call them out. Criticize them. Ignore them. Destroy reputations with rhetoric and lies. Bully them into compliance and silence. Troll their websites. Ban their research and books. Join forces with the Biden cabal and pass laws to arrest anyone that says a human cannot become a unicorn.  

How gut-wrenching: 

For a child to hate his own body to the degree he would long for his genitals to be cut off and thrown away.  

For a child to hate her own body to the degree she would long for her breasts to be cut out and thrown away. 

For adults to sanction such child sacrifice. 

How could an adult (parent, teacher, school counselor) with any compassion at all allow such an atrocity to happen to a trusting child – no matter what age? 

How could a hospital, a physician, a surgeon, a nurse, a psychologist, a child therapist, or any medical professional with any compassion at all allow such an atrocity to happen to a trusting child? 

How did civilization evolve to the point of accepting and celebrating the unnecessary medication and mutilation of the bodies of children?  

And I won’t ask how a president of the United States of America would try to pass legislation to sanction the slicing and dicing of a child’s body – because Joe Biden isn’t the legitimate president – he stole the 2020 Election with help from the Deep State regime. President Donald Trump would never have agreed to such a crime against humanity – sacrificing our most vulnerable citizens on the altar of nonscientific transgender ideology and fanfare.  

Sidebar: Creepy Joe Biden and his regime (aka the Deep State) are BFFs with Klaus Schwab and the New World Order (aka the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution). Add the leaders of the United Nations and the World Health Organization into the mix of megalomaniacs.  

Transgenderism is a hoax.

How dare an adult proclaim that God put a child in the wrong body. No child is born in the wrong body. God does not make mistakes.

Melissa Martin is a freelance columnist. Article reprinted from the Published Reporter


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