Abortion doctor admits to selling baby parts from babies born alive

The U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives releases detailed transactions on the sale and purchase of fetal tissue from aborted babies. (Photo: Kelsey Lucas/Visualsey/The Daily Signal)

Abortion doctors revealed distressing truths about the industry in an unprecedented California hearing featuring executives of Planned Parenthood and the undercover videos made by the Center for Medical Progress.

In one of the testimonies, an obstetrician-gynecologist, Forrest Smith, known for performing abortions in California not only testified to selling aborted baby parts for profit, but to also ensuring the infants were born alive and then killed to keep the organs fresh and intact.

Smith, who agreed to have conducted over 50,000 abortions, testified after seeing the videos that he believed the doctors performed the abortion to make sure the infants were born alive, even at the added risk of putting the mother in harm’s way.

In 2014, the Center for Medical Progress made waves after unveiling a series of undercover videos in which Planned Parenthood executives are seen haggling over prices of aborted baby tissues and organs to prospective undercover buyers, Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden.

The Center for Medical Progress in a statement said, “There was never any legal reason to prosecute CMP investigators for recording public conversations. This sham case was launched by dirty political dealings between Planned Parenthood and Kamala Harris and must be thrown out so the justice system can finally focus on the real criminals who sold baby body parts.”

Kamala Harris is trying to run for President.

The preliminary hearing is served to determine whether any of the charges can proceed to trial. Ruling by Judge Christopher Hite is awaited on the hearing.


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