Abortionists Slander Pro-Life Clinics as ‘Fake Medicine’

In Bryan, Texas, a former Planned Parenthood Abortion mill re-opened in 2015 as a pro-life pregnancy center. The newest attacks against pro-life efforts is to accuse pro-life clinics of being non-medical. (Lifesite News photo)

Christian Post – They’ve been called “fake clinics” and are often smeared by abortion activists who argue that pregnancy centers deceive women and don’t offer any real medical assistance. Some activists even try to go undercover to try to prove that pregnancy centers are fake women’s health centers.

“We get many calls from fake clients asking questions hoping to find fault,” Debi Harvey, executive director for the Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic located in Northridge, California, told The Christian Post. “We get fake clients coming in under the guise of wanting a pregnancy test, but in reality, they’re just trying to find something they can accuse us of.”

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