AirBnB bans commentator Michelle Malkin from making reservations

Michelle Malkin/ Facebook

If there’s anyone a leftist hates more than a proud white person, it’s a “brown” person who supports white people – and especially a woman who is married to one.

It’s like being a Muslim who supports a Christian. Off with her head.

That seems to be what has befallen Michelle Malkin, an American conservative commentator born to Filipino parents. An intelligent Asian woman is supposed to be liberal, and when she is not she must be punished.

That’s why Malkin just had her – and her husband’s – AirBnB accounts canceled: because she is too friendly toward whites.

The Daily Wire reports that the Taliban-wannabe vacation rental company deleted Malkin’s account because she took part in the 2021 American Renaissance Conference, according to an email from the company that Malkin posted online:

“It has come to our attention that you were a keynote speaker for the 2021 American Renaissance Conference earlier this month in Tennessee. Airbnb’s community policies prohibit people who are members of or actively associate with known hate groups. Due to your promotion and participation in a known white nationalist and white supremacist conference, we have determined that we will remove your account from Airbnb. This is consistent with action we’ve taken to ban people associated with this conference in past years.”

The platform haughtily confirmed Malkin’s ban in a statement to The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “Consistent with our policies, if we become aware of users who are members of or are actively affiliated with hate groups, we remove them from Airbnb,” said spokesman Ben Breit.

Malkin’s speech at the American Renaissance Conference was titled “Race, Immigration, and Con. Inc: How I Came to See the Light.” The conference is an annual event based on the premise that “[r]ace is an important aspect of individual and group identity” and “whites, like all racial groups, have legitimate interests that must be defended.”

Whites are, after all, a race.

Malkin suggested last week that the extremely wealthy, liberal Southern Poverty Law Center’s classification of American Renaissance as a “hate group,” along with that of the Anti-Defamation League, played a role in her banishment from Airbnb.

It is unclear the degree to which AirBnB coordinates with the SPLC and ADL in its banning of users, though such conspiracies are a topic of speculation. AirBnB did not immediately respond to The Daily Wire’s request for comment.


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