Alabama PD Pins High Murder Rate on Satanic Rebellion

An employee of the Opp Police Department posted on their social media that five recent murders this year were done by young people because of a culture that has turned from God and embraced Satan. (Facebook photo)

Christian Post – The Opp Police Department in a rural Alabama has come under fire from an atheist group for publicly blaming the town’s growing juvenile crime rate on residents embracing Satan and turning away from God.

The controversy erupted Tuesday after the police department made the claim on Tuesday in a since deleted post on their Facebook page.

“This past Sunday, a young man was shot and killed in Kinston. Monday night, a mother was shot and killed in Northern Covington County. There have been five murders in Covington County . . . done by our young people. This is happening because we have turned away from God and embraced Satan,” the police department stated.

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