Another Kids’ TV Cartoon Slumps Into the Moral Sewer of LGBTQ

The cartoon for kids based on a Hasbro toy for toddler-age children, My Little Pony, presented a lesbian couple Saturday as a tribute to LGBTQ, homosexual "pride month." (Hasbro photo)

The Daily Mail – My Little Pony featured a lesbian couple when it aired in the US Saturday, just in time for Pride Month.

Episode 12 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 9 – the final season – sees Aunt Holiday (Jackie Blackmore) and Auntie Lofty (Saffron Henderson) become the official guardians of Scootaloo (Madeleine Peters) in absence of the character’s parents who are often away for work.

Seemingly confirming that they are not aunts who are sisters, Aunt Holiday nudges her partner at one point and snaps back: “Lofty! Don’t tease my brother.” Writer-and-producer Michael Vogel, a former VP of development for Hasbro, the originator of My Little Pony, celebrated the moment in a tweet.

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