Antichrist Perversion, Blasphemies and Lies Honored in Lansdale, PA

Eric Torres goes by the name of "Annie Christ" when in drag, including earlier this month when he read “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed” and “Sparkle Boy” to children during a Lansdale, PA, Drag Queen Story Hour event for children at a public library, prompting the mayor's proclamation. (social media photo)

The Christian Journal – The mayor of Lansdale, PA, agreed to issue a proclamation marking every Feb. 2 as “Inclusion Day” in commemoration of a recent “Drag Queen Story Fun Time” featuring the drag queen “Annie Christ”—a play-on-words for “Antichrist.”

The event generated both support and protest. Mayor Garry Herbert’s decision is reportedly in response to a petition launched by event supporters urging him to call the day “Annie’s Day” in honor of “Annie Christ.”

“I was approached with a petition from community members asking to commemorate the day where Lansdale showed its dedication to inclusion and diversity,” Herbert told North Penn Now.

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