Apple/Google Saudi Sales Up for App: Men Track, Manage Their Women

Apple and Google are teamed up on a project to help Saudi men track and monitor their Saudi women through use of the app "Absher" on their mobile phones like these in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It's an exclusive deal with more than a million sales, but not available in the U.S. (Reuters photo)

The Daily Mail – Apple and Google are being accused of helping to ‘enforce gender apartheid’ in Saudi Arabia by offering an app on their platforms which allows men to track women and stop them leaving the country.

Absher is available on both the Google Play and iTunes store and is an app developed by the Saudi government which allows men to specify when and how women can cross Saudi borders – and will even alert them if they do so.

Absher’s travel ‘features’ have been identified by activists and refugees as a major factor in the continued difficulty women have leaving Saudi Arabia.

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