Arizona Patriots Rally Despite a Hateful Press

"Patriotism Over Socialism" rally brings out the divide between local Arizona conservatives and national leftist organizations that label conservatives and patriots hateful bigots. Lesa Antone called the SPLC label of a hate group "a badge of honor." The Christian Action Network wears that badge also, with honor. (NPR News photo)

PBS News – A congressman and the chair of the Arizona Republican Party were among speakers at a recent rally dubbed “Patriotism Over Socialism.” The Anti-Defamation League of Arizona said the rally was a right-wing event that would likely draw extremists.

The Southern Poverty Law Center said that hate and extremist groups planned to be at the Gilbert rally. One of the groups identified is Patriot Movement AZ, which had a table set up across from the stage.

Being so labeled is humorous, said Lesa Antone, founder of the Movement. Pro-life, pro-God and pro-America, “I wear it as a badge of honor, to be quite honest,” she said.

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