Asia Bibi’s Danger in Pakistan is an Actually True Reason for Asylum

Advocates for a petition to grant Asia Bibi and her family asylum from Pakistani Islamist demands for her to be put to death are appealing to the Trump Administration directly, noting that the only hope for their safety is to leave Pakistan. (Politico photo)

We the People – Asia Bibi is at extreme risk of being hunted down and killed for the crime of “Blasphemy” in Pakistan. She was recently freed after eight years on death row. Bibi was accused as a result of an altercation resulting from her drinking water from the same cup as her Muslim co-workers. A petition for U.S. asylum is available here.

The Pakistani Supreme Court ruled that there was no basis to support the charges against her and that she should be released. Unfortunately, religious fundamentalists do not agree and are demanding that she be hung. Bibi, 53, a Pakistani Christian, along with her family, are in hiding in Pakistan. . . The United States should grant her and her family asylum.

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