Australia Hunts Islamic Jihad Terrorists Before It’s Too Late

Australia's joint counter-terror task force is in the middle of a campaign to serve warrants and make arrests in possibly linked terrorism plots weeks after a Somali-born man set fire to a pickup truck laden with gas cylinders in Melbourne, also stabbing three people, killing one. That terrorist was shot by police. Islamic State leaders claimed responsibility for that attack. (Oman-Observer photo)

Reuters/Yahoo – Australian police on Tuesday said they had arrested three men who were allegedly preparing to make a terrorist attack in Melbourne, just weeks after a man killed one person in the city in what police said was an act of terrorism.

Australian federal and state police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), and other agencies which form part of the Joint Counter Terrorism Team carried out the arrests on Tuesday morning. The ongoing sweep, named Operation Donabate, was in the northwest region of the city and included four search warrants.

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