Ax-Wielding Transgender Assailant Nets 9 Years For Murder Attempts

A man on prescribed antidepressants and "transgender therapy" hormones, who also took cannabis and vodka that night in 2017, attacked customers at a 7-Eleven because he felt scorned from a date. The victims seek a stiffer sentence on appeal in order to add to the nine-years that make release on parole possible in 2021 counting credit for time served. (CCTV still)

The Daily Mail – A transgender woman [meaning male, pretending as female] who stormed into a 7-Eleven with an ax and tried to “cut a man’s head in half” flew into the fit of rage after being rejected on a Tinder date.

Evie Amati, 26, entered the shop in Enmore, Sydney, and launched a sickening assault on two customers in January 2017.

CCTV footage showed Amati swinging the ax twice into Benjamin Rimmer’s face, knocking him over and causing blood to rush from his head. [He] then brutally attacked another innocent customer, Sharon Hacker.

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[CAN editorial policy is to note the actual sex of persons when known. Corrections, including corrected pronouns, are bracketed]


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