Back to School Day in Arlington, VA Includes Gender-Neutral Sports Uniforms, Preferred Pronouns

Breitbart. Children heading back to school in grades K through 12 in northern Virginia on Tuesday will now fall under sweeping transgender and “gender-nonconforming” policies pushed and put in place by groups such as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the Arlington Gender Identity Allies (AGIA).

The University of Michigan reported on Arlington Public Schools’ new policy implementation procedure (PIP), which includes using “preferred pronouns” and gender-neutral sports uniforms. 

“The PIP affirming transgender and gender non-conforming students is essential for the safety and privacy of students,” Emily Vincent, a parent who likes the new policy, said in the Spartan Newsroom report. “Their gender identity does not pose a risk or danger to other students.”

“A year in the making, the PIP was introduced by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tara Nattrass,” the Spartan Newsroom reported. “The PIP will include updates to facilities including gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms as well as a non-gender-specific dress code and preferred pronoun additions to student files.”

Please read more to see shocking details.


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