Barbra Streisand shares pic of Nancy Pelosi killing Trump

Grammy award winning singer Barbra Streisand posted a photo on Twitter of a cartoon depicting a bloody President Trump being impaled by the heel of the shoe of Nancy Pelos

Adding to a trend of leftist celebrities advocating physical violence against the president of the United States, aging singer Barbra Streisand posted a copy of a political cartoon that shows President Trump impaled on the heel of a huge high-heeled shoe bearing the name “Pelosi.”

A red stream in the drawing at once appears to be Trump’s tie and a puddle of his blood. 

The cartoon was published days after a fiery White House meeting on Syria from which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Congressional Democrat leaders walked out in protest.

The walkout/tantrum has been relentlessly portrayed by the mainstream media as a kind of victory for the Democratic leaders. President Trump had called the meeting after passage of a House resolution denouncing his decision to not order the U.S. military to engage Turkish troops in support of Kurds.

Streisand’s tweet was just her latest assault on Trump, whom she also called the Moron-in-Chief on Saturday morning.

In another tweet on Thursday, the singer claimed that Trump repeatedly shows he is unfit to serve as president. Streisand often brings up the idea of Donald Trump being removed from office. 

She previously claimed Trump made her ‘gain weight,’ said she was thinking about moving to Canada if Republicans won the House. Streisand also released a song expressing her frustration with the administration.

A little later on Saturday, the singer posted a picture of Trump being crushed under a giant peach as she mused on the idea of Trump’s impeachment.

‘One may argue about a narrow or broad impeachment resolution but Trump has committed multiple impeachable acts,’ wrote the former star.


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