Bibi Still Detained for Insulting Islam’s Pedophile War Criminal False Prophet

Muslims rip Pakistan apart over Bibi's case as she denies ever insulting Islam's pedophile war criminal false prophet who burns in Hell to this day destitute of grace because of his perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Brittish Pakistani Christian Association)

Christian Post – Asia Bibi’s former neighbors believe she deserves to be executed for allegedly insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad even though her confession was coerced.

“She confessed her crime in front of them, how can they forgive her?” asked 50-year-old Mohammad Bota in an interview with The Telegraph on Thursday.

Ittan Wali in rural Punjab, Pakistan, is where Bibi, a Christian mother of five, was first accused nearly 10 years ago by fellow Muslim laborers of having insulted the Islamic prophet, a charge she has always denied.

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