Biden Administration caught in another lie as free crack pipes are being given to addicts

Safe Smoking Kits/ Facebook

Progressives do things like invest large amounts of money in drug addiction, so it should be no surprise that they lie about it as well.

While the Biden administration adamantly denied that its multimillion-dollar “harm reduction” program for drug users would actually hand out free crack pipes to addicts, smoking kits acquired by the Washington Free Beacon and distributed all over the east coast do, in fact, include such drug paraphernalia.

The Beacon visited five of the organizations in New York City, Boston, Richmond, Va., Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, and the “safe smoking kits” being handed out by each one – because hard drug users care so much about their own health and safety – all included crack-smoking pipes.

The centers are all nonprofit health organizations and government agencies, which are precisely the types of groups able to receive funds under the administration’s $30 million grant program.

When she was asked on May 12 if the program took precautions to make sure organizations didn’t use the funding to simply buy paraphernalia for users, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said: “This is a conspiracy theory being spread out there.”

That is, she hid the truth.

The items included in “safe smoking kits” vary from one organization to another, and not all may include crack pipes. All of the five groups visited by the Free Beacon supplied not only crack pipes in their kits but also gadgets to use heroin, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine, without any attempt being made to rehabilitate the user.

None of the five particular groups answered requests for comment about whether they had applied for the federal grants, recipients of which the Biden White House will announce on May 15.


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