Biden orders federal prisons to accommodate the needs, desires and demands of transgender inmates

While the U.S. border is overrun, Russia threatens the peace of Europe and a bungled, incoherent response to COVID continues to cripple the U.S. economy, the Biden administration has perfected a Transgender Offender Manual on how to coddle male federal prisoners who think they are women, reports Judicial Watch.

And perhaps female prisoners who want to be men. Although it is far less likely that an actual female prisoner would elect to play male and be imprisoned with actual men, who would be unlikely to see her as anything other than exactly what she is.

The important new guide directs federal prisons in how to give special accommodations and taxpayer-funded services to “the transgender population.” These include hormone therapy and even sex-change operations.

If only non-transgender, non-criminal, non-incarcerated Americans could attract so much money, effort and attention from the Biden Administration.

The Bureau of Prisons houses some 155,554 inmates at 122 facilities around the U.S. and the agency estimates that approximately 1,300 are transgender.

Also created has been a Transgender Executive Council (TEC), consisting of senior staff members from the psychology, health services and other BOP divisions. It will be the official decision-making body on all issues affecting transgender inmates.

The panel will study factors such as an inmate’s security, criminal behavior, current preferred gender, vulnerability to sexual victimization and likelihood of committing the same.

The new manual mandates authorized gender-neutral communication with inmates and of course the pronouns associated with the inmates’ identified genders. “Deliberately and repeatedly mis-gendering an inmate is not permitted,” the document scolds.

Housing assignments must seriously consider a transgender inmate’s own views, and transgender inmates shall be given the opportunity to shower separate from other inmates. The federal prison system will also provide transgender inmates with hormone therapy to help them live their lie and medical treatment and even surgery for those determined to alter their bodily appearance.

So sleep well, America.


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