Biden to Oppose Parental Rebuke of Sexually Deviant Behavior

Former Vice President Joe Biden aims to oppose families that rebuke children for sexually deviant behavior as harmful rejection, including attempts at what his foundation calls conversion therapy or even restricting children from being with other similarly sexually active people. (AP photo)

Independent – Joe Biden’s foundation has launched a campaign focussing on the importance of family acceptance for LGBTQ youths.

The Biden Foundation’s “As You Are: A Family and Community Acceptance Campaign” will collect personal stories from LGBTQ youth, parents and educators to address the dangers young people in the LGBTQ community face from family rejection, and the disproportionate cases of homelessness and depression, the press release stated.

“I’m so proud to announce the Biden Foundation has launched this campaign,” Mr Biden said. “We’ll use our resources to highlight the harms of family rejection . . . .”

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