A Texas Size Lie!

By Patti Pierucci

Did you read about the school in Texas that made high school girls dress in burqas as part of a geography class?

A teacher “encouraged” high school girls to dress up in full-length Islamic burqas, and then told the class that Muslim terrorists are actually “freedom fighters.” The word “terrorist” should no longer be used.

The only way a parent actually found out about this lesson was when one of the students posted a picture of on Facebook showing the students wearing the burqas. A parent spotted the picture and an uproar ensued.

Let’s remind ourselves that a burqa is the full body covering that women in some Islamic countries, including Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, are forced to wear under penalty of beatings, stonings, even death. Only the eyes can be seen, and sometimes even those are covered by a mesh material.

There are so many questions one can ask about this lesson. The most obvious one is: Why is an American public school using taxpayer money to push a radical Islamic doctrine on our kids? Because the burqa is not a fashion statement—as the teacher stated when questioned about the lesson. It represents a harsh and brutal ideology.

More probing questions also remain to be answered. First, if the schools are going to present a lesson on Islam by making high school girls wear the burqa, why don’t they give them the whole story? Teachers—remember you’re supposed to teach all facts pertaining to the story.

The burqa represents slavery for women in Islamic countries, and sometimes right here in the United States, in Muslim communities that force their women to toe the Islamic line or suffer the punishment.

The burqa represents brutal beatings. A woman in the Sudan was captured on video receiving 100 lashes for daring to wear pants. This video actually brought tears to my eyes when I stumbled across it on the internet recently. It shows a woman in a long cloak shrieking and begging for mercy. She drops to her knees screaming when the whippings begin. She pleads with blue-uniformed Sudanese policemen who brutally flog her. It seems to go on forever. She begs and cries for the abuse to stop while a crowd gathers; some members of the crowd laugh, others urge mercy, others egg on the police to beat her even more. One policeman finally lands a cutting blow to her face and the blood begins to flow as her strength diminishes. The video mercifully ends while the policemen are still whipping the cowering, whimpering woman who has fallen to the ground. There is no fight left in her.

If you have the courage to watch, the video can be viewed here: Be warned that it is graphic and disturbing.

That’s what the burqa represents. Why didn’t the reprehensible teacher in Texas tell the impressionable young girls this story?

Burqas also represent the oppression that little girls live under in Muslim countries throughout the world. Fourteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai is a prime example. This brave Pakistani girl only wanted to receive an education, and she dared to speak out on behalf of education for girls throughout Pakistan. Girls are not only refused an education, but in some countries they are not allowed to see doctors. Since they are not allowed to be viewed in any stage of undress by a man, they may not visit a doctor for any reason. And since women may not receive an education to train to become a doctor … well, you see where that’s leading.

Getting back to Malala, she was shot in the head, along with two other girls, by a gunman who boarded her school bus. The assassin blasted her in the neck and head but she survived. The other two girls also survived. The Pakistan Taliban has vowed to kill her if they get an opportunity in the future.

That’s another thing that the burqa represents—a lack of education for women and girls in Muslim countries. Education represents freedom and independence, so the cowardly, barbaric men in these societies do everything they can to keep women subdued. If they won’t stay subdued, then shooting them in the head is always another option.

Or burying them alive. That’s right. Just a few days ago a report surfaced that five women in Pakistan were buried alive because they wanted to choose their own husbands. This ABC News report can be viewed here. Other women and children who disobey have acid thrown on their faces so that they will never again want to be seen uncovered in public. Images of this “acid jihad” which is sweeping the Middle East can be seen here. Once again, be warned that these images are graphic and disturbing.

In another horrific incident, a Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife because she was reading the Bible, and then buried alive their infant baby and eight-year-old daughter. The girls were miraculously rescued alive! Another Muslim father buried his infant baby alive because his wife would not have sex with him.

These atrocities are also what the Islamic burqa represents.

Burqas also represent sexual slavery for women in Muslim countries. In Iran, the ruling elite have enforced humiliating rules on women and girls, enslaving them in a world of isolation, second-class status, sadistic punishments like lashings, stonings and even death. One report shows a 635 percent increase in the number of girls in just Tehran who have been forced into prostitution. Often they are forced to undergo female castration, where they are sexually mutilated so it will never be possible for them to enjoy sexual relations.

The Iranian sex slave trade is one of the most profitable Iranian “exports.” It encourages poor families to sell their daughters to government officials who are involved in the buying, selling and abuse of women and girls.

My guess is that the ignorant teacher in Texas who “encouraged” her female students to dress in burqas didn’t include that chapter in her lesson plan, either.

The obvious truth is that liberals, like the Texas teacher, love wallowing in the warm and fuzzy “feeling” that they are helping an oppressed minority by catering to the deceitful Muslim agenda. The truth shows that they are wrong on many levels to push this agenda. Muslims in this country are not, and never have been, oppressed the way blacks were during the last century, and they did not arrive here as slaves.

Muslims in America have never been forced to sit at the back of the bus, drink out of separate water fountains, or eat in separate sections of a restaurant. Yet American liberals have adopted them as the new cause célèbre. Their newfound status as the most oppressed group in America has been expertly publicized by groups like CAIR. It fits with precision into CAIR’s plan to infiltrate every facet of our society by making Muslims, and therefore by extension Islamic sharia law, so commonplace that every American citizen will find them benign and acceptable.

Teachers have swallowed this swill hook, line and sinker.

Of course, it’s all a lie. It is, in fact, the grand deception of the era in which we live. But if enough of our school children are fed the lie and believe it, people like us will soon die out, and the truth with die out with us.

We must not let that happen. Truth must not die with us, because lives are at stake. Contact your member of Congress (go to www.house.gov or www.senate.gov to find your representatives), call your governor’s office and your local school board and DEMAND that the Islamic agenda of oppression and slavery for women be stricken from our public schools.

Demand that Islamic sharia law—which is what the burqa really represents—be exposed for the totalitarian system of oppression that it is, and that it be banned in the United States.


Patti A. Pierucci is editor-in-chief for Christian Action Network, and is an award-winning writer who spent nearly two decades as a journalist. She is also a documentary scriptwriter and has worked as a ghostwriter for a number of prominent public figures, including members of Congress. She is the co-author of the Amazon best-selling book “Twilight in America,” authored by Martin Mawyer, president and founder of Christian Action Network. The book details the activities of Islamic terrorist training camps scattered throughout the United States. It can be purchased at TwilightInAmerica.com or Amazon.com in book or Kindle version.

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