New Attempts by Muslim Group to Have Martin Mawyer Killed

By Martin Mawyer


There are new and absurd claims being made against me by a known Islamic terrorist organization called Muslims of the Americas (MOA).

Their claim is that I’m behind a violent shotgun attack against one of their Muslim villages in Red House, VA, and that I’m responsible for automatic weapons being fired at other locations throughout the United States.

MOA is a ruthless Islamic terrorist group whose goal, according to the U.S. State Department, is to “purify Islam through violence.”  They are headquartered in Hancock, NY, but have villages and compounds in nearly three dozen other locations.

The sole purpose of their outrageous claims against me is to have me killed, no doubt.

MOA is upset over my best-selling book, Twilight in America, which exposes the group’s nearly 30-year history of criminal activity in the United States and their network of Islamic guerilla warfare training centers operating in rural areas of America.

This insidious campaign to smear me began less than three months ago when MOA started putting out lies on their website designed to anger the Muslim community with the hope of causing great harm to befall our organization and me. 

Last November, they posted an inflammatory story claiming that the goal of my book was to start “a war against Islam,” that I had maligned the religion of Islam, that I had insulted Mohammad, and that I wanted to bring “violent actions against the Muslims of the Americas.”

None of these accusations are true and none of them are backed by any proof.  MOA could not, and has not, provided a single quote – written, audio, televised or otherwise – showing or demonstrating that I insulted Islam, or Mohammad, or that I wanted to start a “war against Islam” or that I wanted “violent actions” taken against MOA members.

They even claimed on their website that the writings of my book are criminal.  Amazingly, they have petitioned both the United Nations and the President of the United States to have me arrested!

But as ludicrous and crazy as these claims are, they pale in comparison to their most recent campaign of smears, lies and hateful distortions they put out in January.  They have now risen to new heights of absurdity and ridiculousness.

On January 13th, 2013, MOA posted an article that started like this:

“An American Muslim community has been assaulted in Red House, Virginia victimized by an Islamophobic gang of criminals who walked onto the Muslims of the Americas’ property and fired thirteen shotgun blasts into the sign which identifies our peaceful village.”

“Fortunately,” the article goes on to say, “there were no personal injuries or fatalities.”

Well, thank God no one was killed or injured.  But who would do such a horrible thing?  

The blame, of course, is laid at my feet and that of our organization.

The article continues:

“This violence could be seen as a direct result of the publication of a most contentious, blatantly falsified book Twilight in America written by the fraud Martin Mawyer. He and his extremist cohorts , the Christian Action Network (CAN) who have publicized their intention to destroy Islam and Muslims”

These are pretty powerful accusations.  They claim that not only did my book instigate this shotgun assault on the Red House village, but it was also my intent “to destroy Islam and Muslims.”

And if this article weren’t damaging enough, MOA also posted a far-fetched article by the President and Founder of MOA, Shekih Mubarak Gilani.  In that article, Gilani reports that there were additional gunfire attacks at other Muslim villages – but this time they involved “automatic” weapons!

“In America,” Gilani writes, “the Muslim villages are being attacked by automatic weapons and no one is arrested.”

Who does Gilani think is behind these “automatic weapon” attacks?

You guessed it: Christian Action Network!

He writes:

"The campaign of falsehood against me and the MOA community has been launched by the Zionist front organizations, such as CAN, who wish to spark a clash between Muslims and Christian… Not surprisingly, gunshots were recently fired at an MOA location in Virginia near the CAN headquarters. These criminals and their instigators must be arrested.”

On their website, in an article entitled, “American Muslims under Attack,” the group states:

"The shooting incident in Virginia should be classified by federal and local law enforcement officials as a hate crime, necessitating our demand that they preserve and protect our villages from further assaults.”

And MOA says this classification better happen sooner than later -- before one of their members gets killed.  The writer states:

“The women and children of our communities are fearful that the next hate crime will take the life or property of another – and one more is too many.”

That’s right.  The article says “one more” as if someone has already been killed at the hands of a lunatic gunman – a gunman I supposedly inspired with my book, Twilight in America.

Had these assaults actually occurred, the media would have swarmed all over Red House to investigate these attacks. 

But the media has been silent.  For that matter, Muslim groups have been silent.  Even the local Sheriff, where these crimes were supposedly committed, has been silent.

The silence is deafening.  The reason?  Because these crimes and attacks probably never occurred. 

It’s almost laughable to think the hypersensitive, leftwing, anti-gun media would be ignoring a story that involved shotguns and automatic weapons being fired into Muslim villages – where women and children are sleeping – especially at a time when you can barely turn on your television and not hear some liberal activist or politician ranting about the need for more gun control.

Were it real, I would think the media would be salivating to tell this story.

For that matter, why hasn’t MOA held press conferences for the media to expose these gun assaults on their Muslim communities?   And wouldn’t you think someone from the local sheriff’s department would have questioned me about these attacks, had they really occurred?  Where are the 911 calls if these shotgun and automatic weapons attack really happened?

The truth is that these allegations are deceitful at best, or false at worse, and MOA is putting them out to serve only one purpose.  And the purpose is not to get the sheriff involved, or the state police, or the FBI, or the media.  Or even the United Nations or the President.

These lies are being put out to enrage the Muslim community hoping that some lunatic will take it upon himself to kill me or hurt staff members of CAN.  

It’s just that plain and simple.

Such revenge attacks and killings happen frequently in the Muslim world.  

For instance, less than two weeks ago an assassination attempt was made on author Lars Hedegaard in Denmark.  Why?  Because Muslim leaders claimed he wrote an article that insulted and degraded Muslims. 

Hedegaard, who is 70 years old, was nearly killed when he answered his apartment door under the pretext that a package was being delivered to him.  But when he opened the door to accept the package, a man pulled out a gun and fired at the writer’s head, barely missing it.

Hedegaard punched the Muslim in his face, causing him to drop his gun.  The man then fled.

And this assassination attempt was carried out simply because Hedegaard reportedly made insulting and degrading remarks about Muslims.

Just look at what MOA is alleging against me:

Not only am I being accused by MOA of insulting Islam and Mohammed, but they claim I want to “destroy Islam and Muslims,” that I want to “bring a war against Islam,” and that I’m either somehow responsible for, or that I helped inspire, a shotgun attack in Red House that involved 13 rounds of ammo, and that I’m somehow involved in an “automatic weapons” attack on their other villages.

They know that any one of these accusations could get me killed.  And recently history bears them out.

Theo Van Gogh was murdered on the streets of Amsterdam for simply insulting Islam.  Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was stabbed to death in Amsterdam for opposing Muslim immigration.  Author Salmon Rushdie lives under a constant death threat for writing a book called The Satanic Verses.

The “crimes” and “offenses” these people have committed pale in comparison to the accusations MOA is leveling against me.  None of those mentioned above have ever been accused of inspiring or leading a genocidal campaign whose sole goal is kill Muslims and destroy Islam.  

MOA is obviously leaving no stone unturned to come up with every possible insult, threat or act that I could possibly commit to inspire an Islamist to commit jihad against my life and staff members.

With these articles, MOA is trying to strike terror into my family, my employees, our organization, and me.

But then again…. terror is what they do best.

Published on by Marty M.