OMG! Please Don’t Send Me to Re-Education Camp!

By Martin Mawyer

Why is everyone being defined these days by their sexuality? 

After the Michael Sam “incident” broke (was staged) in the news, I was appalled to watch the media—especially ESPN—fall all over themselves congratulating Sam for being the first openly gay NFL player to make the draft.

Michael Sam is making news more for the way he engages in sex than by his prowess on the football field. Wow, that’s a lot of pressure for Sam.

When I watched the clip on TV, it was as if the ESPN announcer was saying: “Michael Sam may be a lackluster player whose just barely made the NFL draft (249th overall), but he’s gay—so that makes everything else he does less important than the way he actually has sex. Because having gay sex is better than heterosexual sex, folks.”

Think I’m stretching it? I’m not. Remember Tim Tebow? He was savaged because he boasted that he was a Christian, a heterosexual AND a virgin. He had three strikes against him in our culture.

Consider the tragic fate of Miami Dolphins’ safety Don Jones who tweeted “OMG” after Michael Sam was caught on film (staged by ESPN) smooching his gay partner after his draft selection.

I bet the majority of heterosexuals in America had the same internal thought: “OMG!” But we were careful not to immediately post it on Twitter. Don Jones didn’t control himself, and so he was immediately fined an undisclosed amount and sentenced to re-education camp (they call it “sensitivity training” these days, but it is still held in the Siberian gulag).

See you next spring, Don.

Don Jones has been sent to re-education camp for being shocked and offended at Michael Sam’s gay exhibition on TV because we’re not supposed to be shocked or offended. People today are defined by who they’re having sex with, and what part of the anatomy is involved. Yes, it used to be considered good to put only certain body parts together that some believe God designed that way …

… but times have changed. Remember, we’re living in an upside down world. Now it is actually BETTER to put the wrong parts together—or to at least experiment with all the parts. Not to be too indelicate, but what was once euphemistically called “the love that dare not speak its name” (homosexuality)—because it involves risky and, to many of us who require re-education, unnatural acts—is now elevated to a position of priority above straight sex.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has even issued guidelines to every federal worker that no longer may they be silent about accepting homosexuality. They must not only accept it in their hearts, but they must affirm their support of it verbally or risk castigation, rejection, possibly even the loss of their jobs.

Why don’t they ask homosexuals to support heterosexual, God-ordained sex and to verbally affirm that, too? I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen in any work place in the United States. Hell will freeze over first.

In the midst of the Michael Sam uproar, the fawning, sycophantic media went to the real source for information on all things gay: Hollywood.

In a truly brainless series of interviews I witnessed on one channel, a parade of gay celebrities weighed in on the controversy. One lesbian actress, Jane Lynch (star of a show called “Glee”), actually made me fall down laughing when she said:

“Who we love is nobody’s business. Michael Sam is so brave for what he did…”

If it’s nobody’s business, why are you rubbing our noses in it? Why are we being assaulted day in and day out with Michael Sam’s brave (totally staged) decision to come out of the closet and kiss his partner for the cameras? Why are ESPN and every other media outlets running stories about this?

One talk-show host, Amy Kushnir, walked off the set after her co-hosts relentlessly skewered her for objecting to the on-air gay kissing between Sam and his boyfriend.

“I don’t call it a moment of celebration,” Kushnir said. “Here’s the thing, it’s being pushed in faces … It was an opportunity to make news.”

Kushnir was right. But her nitwit co-host actually retorted that it was “racist” of her to be offended by Sam’s homosexual kiss. Poor thing, she got her anti-Christian epithets mixed up.

Michael Sam should cringe with shame that he has allowed his sexual behavior to define him. That is even worse than allowing his race to define who he is … but that’s another column.

Published on by Patti Pierucci.