Shocking new documentary reveals Islamic infiltration of Europe; U.S. targeted next

Europe’s Last Stand is a shocking and graphic documentary by an American film company that examines the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history. 

A continent that once gave birth to the greatest advances in world civilization is now on the verge of being extinguished by an unmatched foe of religious zealots who are on a quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate over Europe.

Martin Mawyer's explosive new documentary will be shown at two upcoming gatherings of influential leaders.

Martin Mawyer's explosive new documentary will be shown at two upcoming gatherings of influential leaders.

“Radical Islam has thrown off the sheepskin and is rampaging throughout the world like a pack of ravenous wolves, devouring everything in sight,” said Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer, the writer, producer and director of “Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning.”

Mawyer recently appeared on the Fox and Friends morning show with host Brian Kilmeade, where he discussed the issue of Islamic “no-go zones” in Europe. Mawyer ventured into some of the European no-go zones with his camera crew -- where non-Muslims are not welcome and where brutal, Islamic Sharia law reigns over the people.

In his interview on Fox and Friends, Mawyer also revealed the existence of Islamic no-go zones in the United States, some of which are actually protected by armed guards who will not let any outsiders enter. Mawyer also appeared on Glenn Beck’s Blaze TV network and on Newsmax TV recently.

Mawyer and a camera crew traveled to nearly every European nation over the last four years filming “Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning.” He interviewed leading European political figures and experts on Islam – and also interviewed one of the most radical Islamic leaders on the scene today, Anjem Choudary. Choudary has vowed to fly the flag of Islam over the White House and advocates Islamic Sharia law be imposed in every nation.

The film that Mawyer has created is the most shocking exposé of radical Islam’s takeover of European society ever produced. “I can assure you that President Obama is DEAD WRONG when he says that at heart Islam is a peaceful religion,” said Mawyer. “NOTHING could be further from the truth!”

He added: “Political correctness and appeasement will not defeat bullets, swords and bombs. Europe is proof of that.”

The film explores the “five pillars of Islamic conquest” – Infiltration, Imams, Isolation, Islamization and Implosion.  These “pillars” have been successfully used in Europe, and now are being employed to break down American society.

Mawyer stressed that now is the time for citizens to watch his new film, “Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning,” because the topic of Islamic no-go zones and infiltration of European society is so much in the news.

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Martin Mawyer is the Founder and President of Christian Action Network, a non-profit public advocacy and education group based in Lynchburg, Virginia. He began his career as a freelance journalist and has authored several books, including “Silent Shame,” “The Pro-Family Contract With America,” “Pathways to Success,” and his most recent, “Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America.” He has produced a number of documentary films, including Homegrown Jihad, Islam Rising, Sacrificed Survivors and America’s Islamic Threat. Mawyer has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Larry King Live, Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, NBC’s Today Show, Entertainment Tonight and Fox and Friends. His latest book, “Twilight in America,” co-authored by Patti A. Pierucci, details the activities of Islamic terrorist training camps scattered throughout the United States. It can be purchased at or in book or Kindle version ©.

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