Attorney General Loretta Lynch must step down

A statement from Christian Action Network

Prompted by recent statements by United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch, particularly in regard to the deadly Islamist shootings of Dec. 2, 2015 in San Bernardino, Calif., the Christian Action Network ( is calling for the attorney general’s immediate resignation.

Attorney General Lynch proved with her words that she does not support two essential constitutional rights of U.S. citizens: the right of free speech and the right to bear arms. 

She has thus failed in her duty to protect Americans, and has taken the additional step of threatening to punish them for exercising those rights. 

One day after 14 people were shot dead and nearly two dozen wounded in San Bernardino, the attorney general publicly threatened anyone who might dare to exercise their First Amendment right to speak freely about radical Muslims in the U.S. and the threat they increasingly represent.

Lynch went on to warn of prosecution for anyone whose words about Islam “edge toward violence.”  

There was no meaningful condemnation of the shooters, their ideology or those who might copy them. No attempt was made to compensate victims, or to ease the concerns generated by an act of religious terrorism on peaceful Americans of a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. Ms. Lynch took aim instead at law-abiding citizens who might voice any outrage about bloodshed on U.S. soil in the name of Islam.  

On Dec. 6, Lynch went on to publicly characterize citizens’ purchase of weapons and ammunition as reason for added government scrutiny, adding the Second Amendment to the rights she appears willing to deny American citizens. 

That Ms. Lynch made these statements in response to terrorism is troubling enough. Equally troubling is her absolute silence in the face of recent, public promotion of violence against law enforcement by groups like Black Lives Matter.

In a possible attack of conscience, but more likely an attack of well-deserved backlash, Lynch on Dec. 7 attempted to soften her comments on speech against Islam. The term used by Politico was “recalibrated” — a euphemism for trying to take back words completely inappropriate for the nation’s top law enforcement official.

Ms. Lynch’s retreat needs to be more complete than this. She has been in office only since April 2015, but her reaction to San Bernardino proves that her tenure has been long enough.

Please join the chorus letting her know that she has failed the American people and needs to step down. Click here to sign the Christian Action Network’s petition calling for her resignation.

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