The Most Dangerous Islamic Pillar

By Martin Mawyer

In our film, Europe’s Last Stand – America’s Final Warning, we detail the potential collapse of Europe at the hands of radical Islamists. 

Methodically, we detail that plan as the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest: Infiltration. Imams. Isolation. Islamization. Implosion.

But which of the Five Pillars threatens Europe most? The mass flow of Muslim immigrants into the continent? The hate-preaching of radical imams? The bunker mentality of many in the Islamic community which makes them resistant to assimilation? The spread of Sharia Law throughout Europe? Or Europe’s progressive loss of its soul, pride, legacy and western values?

Each Pillar presents its own high-stakes risk to Europe. But none, in my opinion, is more threatening than the Fifth Pillar of Islamic Conquest: Implosion, the collapse of any sense of patriotism, national pride, or belief that one’s nation is exceptional in any way. 

 Sound familiar? 

With extraordinarily rare exceptions, you’re not going to go travel to Europe and see people waving flags. You’re not going to see them in apartment windows or flying on flagpoles on a homeowner’s lawn. You won’t see them on baseball caps, made into apparel or tattooed on anybody’s arm – common sights in America where the flag is still flown with pride, at least in some quarters. 

Pledge of Allegiance? You won’t find that in Europe either. And most Europeans find it feudal that American school children often recite it at the beginning of class day. 

If you’re in the pubs of England and asked patrons about their patriotism, they act as if you just called them a Nazi. 

In fact, the fear of being labeled a Nazi is the primary force behind Europe’s self-inflicted implosion. The Nazis killed Jews, homosexuals, non-Aryans, soldiers and everyday citizens. And they killed something else, too. They killed the soul of Europe – a death that still lingers to this day. 

To say anything – or do anything – that could remotely be described as Nazism will get you ostracized in Europe quicker than a lumberjack at an environmentalist convention.  And falling into the category of being brandished a “Nazi” in Europe no longer means you have to be an anti-Semite, a supporter of a master race, or want to make soap out of human corpses. 

Nowadays you can be labeled a “Nazi” simply for being patriotic, defending your core values, criticizing the beliefs of others or objecting to a group’s cultural practices. 

No one suffers under such harsh branding more than native Europeans who oppose radical Islam, its aggression or its demands on the host nation. These Europeans are typically defined as “Nazi scum.” 

Europe is drowning in a sea of political correctness, multiculturalism and lingering guilt over the atrocities of Nazism. Its laws restricting free speech and the right to assemble would shock most Americans. And the slow death of Christianity – or even a belief in God – is plundering Europe into an identity crisis. 

It’s almost laughable to think Europe could even utter the words, “United We Stand.” United around what? Whatever that “what” is must never be uttered, lest one come off sounding like an arrogant, uncompromising and self-righteous Nazi. 

In general, Europe’s solution to any issues it has with Islam is not to unite, but instead to assimilate. But the problem is that Islam does not want to assimilate, which has led to Europe passing such laws as a ban on burqas in France and a law in Austria requiring mosques to use German translations of the Koran. In Switzerland, a law was passed banning minarets (so-called prayer towers) on mosques. 

If Islam will not voluntarily assimilate into Europe, then perhaps they should be forced to dress like us, build mosques like us and speak like us, or at least that appears to be the logic behind these laws. 

But assimilation is more than how one dresses, speaks or builds. Quite frankly, assimilation is joining a country’s culture, morals, traditions and supporting its values, history and future. 

But thanks to a mustached lunatic in the 30s and 40s, it has become boorish, evil and fanatical to hold – much less promote – such ideals. 

If you were to ask Europeans about their ideals and beliefs, most will claim they reside in Christianity. They call it “Post-Christian Morals,” meaning they don’t believe in Christ as a Savior, or in a Christian God, but they do believe in the morals of Christianity: thou shall not steal, kill, commit adultery, bear false witness, etc. 

Islam assimilates itself into these Post Christian Morals quite easily – and carries it much further by adding stonings, beheadings and amputations as punishments for any who violate such morals. 

So there’s never a question in Europe whether Islam can (or will) assimilate into what the average European believes are the basic tenets of Christian morality. In fact, the radical Islamist not only accepts them, he wants to impose them by force. 

And its silly and absurd to think that a country’s values rest solely on a litany of “thou shall nots.”   

But what does Europe stand for? If they are “united,” what unites them? 

There’s no question that radical Islam is united. They know government should be built around a caliph; that Sharia Law should dominate; that there is only one god, Allah, and that all should swear allegiance to him; that all freedoms are dispensed through the Koran, not man-made laws; that power and authority are derived not through the people, but solely through the writings of the Prophet Muhammad.   

This is just a partial list of what unites the radical Islamist. The treatment of women, the subjugation of Christians and Jews, the hatred for Israel and the United States are just a few other practices and beliefs that bind Muslims. 

The radical Islamic voice rarely wavers. They stand united, together and as a whole.   

Their battle is being waged in Europe against citizens who are fearful of saying anything that unites them. And sadly, most of these European citizens have no idea of what unites them anyway. 

In our American “Pledge of Allegiance” – that is so often scoffed at by Europeans – we remind ourselves that we are “one nation, under God, indivisible.” If we stand united, then divided we fall. 

But this isn’t an American thing. Jesus Christ himself told an angry mob of Pharisees: 

“Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand.” (Matt: 12:25) 

This is not a wild prediction. It’s the law of nature.   

Europeans would serve themselves well to add this principle of unity to their Post-Christian Morals. 

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