Clinton and Cologne: Proof of the left’s brutal exploitation of women

By Alec Rooney

Given the media adoration and image-protection Bill Clinton has enjoyed over the years, everything that’s become public about his personal behavior is probably … well, the nice version. 

That’s right: The Bill Clinton whom the right loves to attack and the left jumps to faithfully defend — that’s the cleaned up version of Bill. 

In light of that fact, a milestone passed quietly earlier this month. A prominent Democrat stated publicly that former President Bill Clinton’s behavior toward women is “totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable.”


Bernie Sanders (left) and Bill Clinton (lefter) in happier times

Bernie Sanders (left) and Bill Clinton (lefter) in happier times

The stunned media just sort of had to go with it. They couldn’t brand presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who spoke the blasphemy, as a prudish conservative. They couldn’t say it was a politically motivated personal attack. They couldn’t bring up Ken Starr (remember him?), proclaim that all people have abnormal sex and lie about it, or call Bill Clinton’s many accusers the tools of a “right-wing conspiracy.”

No, they had to let Bernie make his point. Because Bernie, tousle-haired old leftist that he is, is now outpolling Bill’s embattled, cheated-on spouse. This could make him their next champion in the ongoing war against those oppressive Christian values they detest.

In that war, nothing’s too sacred not to be used as cannon fodder. Not even women.

And that’s why they covered for Bill. 

Bill was more important than the women he forced into painful, awkward situations, women who couldn’t be sure of being believed if they accused the Golden Boy from Arkansas. Their injury, violation and humiliation — the ones who weren’t savvy enough to just relax, take one for the leftist team and enjoy it, that is — was just collateral damage, a sacrifice to a worthy cause.

So it is clear that our liberal leaders and loud-talkers, to further the overthrow of Christian values, are perfectly OK with the sexual abuse of women. 

Now let’s turn to Europe, where women are now being injured, violated and humiliated en masse. Less than two weeks ago, New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany turned into a multicultural gropefest, with migrant Middle Easterners as the gropers and German women as the gropees. It’s being revealed that the abuse is spreading to other European cities that have allowed themselves to be overrun in recent months by young, Muslim-raised men.

The sign of a woman protesting sex assaults in Cologne, Germany reads: "I want to move freely – without fear, without prejudices." Better look at who is invading your continent.

The sign of a woman protesting sex assaults in Cologne, Germany reads: "I want to move freely – without fear, without prejudices." Better look at who is invading your continent.

The progressive leaders of Europe are still trying to cover it up — it was pretty much not even a story until four days after the fact. It emerged this week that police in Sweden have been covering up sexual assaults on girls there as a matter of routine, that attacks are occurring in Finland, Austria and Switzerland, and that authorities in Germany are being told not to police migrants from the Middle East.

It’s like whole gangs of Bill Clintons are loose in Europe. And people with power are covering for them. How long will it be before the authorities of Europe release a joint statement that boys will be boys, or that the women of Europe just need to loosen up, take one for the multicultural team and try to enjoy it? 

Or perhaps they’ll declare that women must “maintain their modesty,” only go out with a male relative, or simply stay away from public places, like in the happy, progressive paradise of Saudi Arabia.

Both Clinton and Cologne make it clear that — let’s say it again — leftists are perfectly OK with the sexual abuse of women, as long as it furthers the war against Christian values.

If those values are defeated, women who once were free will be left with only two stark options: prostitution or the burka.


Alec Rooney serves as communications director for the Christian Action Network. He is a longtime journalist, with experience as a writer and editor at five daily newspapers over 25 years. An award-winning print copy editor and copy desk chief, he also works as a freelance academic book editor. He is a 1986 graduate of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., and holds an M.A. in English from the University of Kentucky.

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