Donald Trump and the Conservative Christian ... What Next?

By Martin Mawyer

Donald Trump pulled off a feat on Election Day that even self-proclaimed born-again-Christian President George W. Bush could not: He garnered 81 percent of the evangelical vote. By comparison, Bush only got 78 percent of evangelicals in 2004, the same percentage that voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

During the primaries, Trump only managed to garner 36 percent of the evangelical vote. But after the race became a battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the evangelical rank-and-file, remembering their recent losses in 2008 and 2012, rallied to Trump and helped push him over the finish line.

But now that a Trump administration is just weeks away, what’s next for America’s Christian voters? Will Trump, who evidences only scanty knowledge of the Bible and admits he only attends church on special occasions, like Easter and Christmas, uphold the religious liberties of Christians? These rights have been so trampled beneath the boot of President Obama that many Christians have become timid about exerting them.

Based on his past comments, we know that Trump is unapologetically on the side of the unborn. In his last debate with Clinton, Trump exposed her extreme pro-abortion views for the world to see.

“In the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby,” Trump said. “Hillary can say that that’s OK, but it’s not OK with me… that’s not acceptable.”

Trump has also vowed to nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.

Still, Trump has also defended the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, and refused to say whether he will ban taxpayer funding from supporting the organization.

For Christians, the thought that their tax dollars are paying for a procedure this barbaric is reason enough to want a ban on all tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

Mr. Trump … where do you stand on this issue? Will you ban our tax dollars from supporting Planned Parenthood?

Another issue of importance to Christians is that of so-called transgender rights superseding the rights of other citizens. President Obama allowed this to happen across the nation when, earlier this year, he issued federal “guidelines” compelling every public school district in America to allow transgenders, or even students who identify as “gender fluid,” to use the bathrooms AND locker rooms of their choice – or else lose their federal funding.

Mr. Trump … where do you stand on this issue? Will you overturn this Obama mandate which forces our schools to intermingle the sexes in school restrooms and locker rooms?

We know that Trump is strong on the issue of Islamic radicalism, and that he wants to put the brakes on Muslim immigration into the United States. But what does a President Trump intend to do about Islamic extremists already in the United States?

The day after his election a Muslim Brotherhood radical gave a speech demanding that Muslims in America rise up and foment “revolution in America.” And countless Muslim enclaves throughout the United States are governed by Islamic Sharia law, instead of American law – engaging in polygamy, guerrilla combat training, and much worse.

What, if anything, will President Trump do about this hidden danger?

We also want to know if Trump will lift President Obama’s ban on surveilling mosques in America. We know that 80 percent of all mosques are funded by Saudi Arabia with the primary purpose of sowing the seeds of Islamic dissent in America.

At least a dozen Islamic extremists have been linked to the Islamic Center of Tucson, Ariz. The Boston bombers and at least three al Qaeda terrorists were tied to the Islamic Society of Boston. The 9-11 hijackers attended the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in northern Virginia. This was the same mosque that radicalized the Fort Hood shooter, Nadal Hassan.

Mr. Trump … where do you stand on this issue? Will you resume surveillance of mosques in America that are known breeding grounds for terrorists?

We also want to know where Trump stands on the issue of same-sex marriage and special rights for homosexuals. Under the Obama regime, the Supreme Court overturned millennia of precedent and legitimized gay marriage. In doing so, it violated not only the will of the majority of Americans, but the Constitution – which guarantees no such right to state-sanctioned gay marriage.

Trump’s stand on homosexual issues is sketchy. In the past he has tweeted in favor of homosexuality, and in a June meeting with conservative Christian leaders he was “clearly not comfortable giving a direct answer on questions concerning the radical LGBT agenda,” wrote columnist Matt Barber.

He is also quoted as saying that a gay wedding he attended was “beautiful.”

Will a President Trump stand up for the right of pastors to refuse to marry homosexuals, or for Christian businessmen to participate in their weddings? Under President Obama, a liberal judge ordered a Christian couple to cater to a gay wedding, and also undergo “sensitivity training” for refusing to participate. They were ultimately forced out business and into bankruptcy.

Mr. Trump … where do you stand on this issue? Will you protect the religious rights of Christians to practice their faith, without being compelled to support the gay agenda in violation of their consciences?

There are countless other examples of Christian rights being violated throughout the imperial presidency of Barack Obama. Military chaplains were ordered to perform gay weddings … Bibles were removed from all military housing … federal workers, under order from Attorney General Eric Holder, were forced to express support for the homosexual agenda in the workplace … the ObamaCare mandate forced all Americans, even those with a valid Christian objection, to pay for abortifacient drugs. Even the Little Sisters of the Poor were not exempt, deemed “not religious enough” to receive a religious exemption.

Donald Trump would be wise to remember the most important segment of America that got him elected: Christian Americans who are fed up with a government and a judiciary that tramples on our First Amendment liberties. But if he does ever forget why he holds the greatest political office on earth, we – the Christian conservatives of America – will not be shy in reminding him.

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Martin Mawyer is the Founder and President of Christian Action Network, a non-profit public advocacy and education group based in Lynchburg, Virginia. He began his career as a freelance journalist and has authored several books, including “Silent Shame,” “The Pro-Family Contract With America,” “Pathways to Success,” and his most recent, “Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America.” He has produced a number of documentary films, including Europe’s Last Stand – America’s Final Warning, Homegrown Jihad, Islam Rising, Sacrificed Survivors and America’s Islamic Threat. Mawyer has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Larry King Live, Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, NBC’s Today Show, Entertainment Tonight and Fox and Friends. His latest book, “Twilight in America,” co-authored by Patti A. Pierucci, details the activities of Islamic camps scattered throughout the United States operated by The Muslims of America. It can be purchased at in book or Kindle version.

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