BLM: Barack Loses his Mind

By Alec Rooney

The Christian Action Network

The question really wasn’t whether the White House would be receptive to a petition asking that Black Lives Matter be formally recognized as a terrorist organization.

The question was only how long they would wait to dismiss it, and how contemptuous and sneering the dismissal would be. 

We have our answer (click).

The petition was open only nine days, and amassed close to 150 percent of its initial goal of 100,000 signers. It was launched, coincidentally, the day before a sniper ambushed and killed five police officers as they did crowd control in Dallas … at a Black Lives Matter protest rally.

The little White House soldiers who sent out the response e-mail to all signers (we were one) began by citing their spiritual leader’s desire to “encourage frank conversations about the steps we can take together to build trust and ensure justice for all Americans.”

Uh oh. Whenever leftists use brave-sounding terms like “frank conversations,” you know that there are a lot of things you’re not going to be allowed to talk about. Like astronomical black crime rates as a percentage of the whole population; the disproportionate incarceration rates of young black males; the way black male lives don't seem to matter at all to other trigger-happy young black males.

It’s like talking with them about the links between Islam and terrorism, the role of welfare in the destruction of the family, the big difference between “immigration” and “illegal immigration” — none of which anyone on the left can grasp.

The White House response goes on to quote Swami Barack extensively, as he explains (with the usual numerous references to his own special self) how “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter. It simply means, he lectures, that blacks have a “specific vulnerability” and a “particular vulnerability” when it comes to dealing with the nation’s police officers.

This “vulnerability” isn’t stated flat out, but we can infer the meaning: Cops all hate blacks (even black cops do!), and would just as soon shoot them as not. Because they’re racist, those police.

That is, all the crime, irresponsibility, thuggishness, misogyny, homicide, gangsta violence, drug use and selling, and mile-long rap sheets — that’s all the fault of the racist police.

Obama goes on to characterize Black Lives Matter as “people who are asking for fair treatment,” and that accusing them of racial discrimination (i.e. responding that “all lives matter”) is playing some kind of “game” to avoid the real situation: that everything’s the fault of the racist police.

The e-mail ends on a sort of lame, bureaucratic note, saying that “The White House plays no role in designating domestic terror organizations” and that it therefore can’t “address the formal request of your petition.”

The White House also plays no role in the activities of local police departments, but that hasn’t stopped the Obama administration from declaring that police are racist, unaccountable, ill-trained and in need of federal (i.e. his) supervision.

A little inconsistent, there. 

You almost have to admire a guy who is as baldly, proudly, frequently wrong — as Barack Obama is. Almost.

You almost have to admire a guy who is as baldly, proudly, frequently wrong — as Barack Obama is. Almost.

But you almost have to admire a guy who is as baldly, proudly inconsistent — not to mention as frequently and spectacularly wrong — as Barack Obama is. It’s almost impressive the way he brazens it out, turns a blind eye to his wildly failed predictions, his prejudices, his bad logic and faulty comparisons. He just soldiers on as if none of it is really happening. He’s like the cartoon driver who gamely keeps gripping the steering wheel even when the rest of his vehicle is scattered in pieces for a mile behind him.

It's as if Trayvon Martin really had been the fine, upstanding lad the media tried to feed us. It's as if the "unarmed" Michael Brown hadn't been in the process of trying -- and nearly succeeding -- to grab a Ferguson, Mo. cop’s pistol when he was shot to death in the street. It’s as if four Baltimore police officers accused of brutality in the death of a black suspect weren’t all allowed to walk free again — because the media-circus accusations couldn’t be proven in a court of law.

It’s as if Black Lives Matter doesn’t openly, repeatedly incite violence against the police, the thin line drawn between everyday, peaceful life and criminal chaos.

Never mind, President Obama’s White House says to all of that: It doesn’t fit our version of America, and reality.

Nor did the assertion of that petition: that Black Lives Matter uses fear, intimidation and violence to advance its agenda. That is ... that they are a terrorist organization.

By definition.

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