In our survey, Islamic terrorism/immigration topped all other concerns

By The Christian Action Network

In one of our August mailings, the Christian Action Network sent out a 14-point questionnaire to gauge what our supporters care about most. The possible responses were these:

A) Very Concerned B) Somewhat Concerned C) It’s on my mind D) Not concerned at all

The results paint a worrisome picture: one of people who know what they are most threatened by, but don't see a clear path out of the problem.

After a weekend that saw several more frightening frustrating and infuriating incidents of Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil -- at a military fund-raiser, at a Minnesota shopping mall and in New York City neighborhood, the results are particularly striking.

Debris litters 23rd St. and Sixth Ave. in Manhattan following a bomb blast on Sept. 18.

Debris litters 23rd St. and Sixth Ave. in Manhattan following a bomb blast on Sept. 18.

Even before these incidents, all linked to Muslim men, the response to all three of our questions that mentioned the words "Islamic" or "Muslim" scored 100 percent, meaning they were issues of maximum concern:

How concerned are you about crushing the scourge of Islamic terrorism? About halting the unfettered flow of Muslim refugees into America? About defeating Islamic indoctrination programs in the schools?

Questions about preserving gun rights, appointing conservative Supreme Court justices, resisting the "Black Lives Matter" murder campaign and resisting the imposition of same-sex marriage and transgenderism as the "new normal," - when they are anything but - also scored in the high nineties.

But questions about Islam and terrorism were unanimous.

This was not an unpredictable result, and unfortunately the stance of the current U.S. government on Islam and terror is not unpredictable either:

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

In fact our president, his party, the "opposition" party in Congress and our establishment news media continue to do nothing but support the importation of more refugees from warring, blood-soaked Muslim lands, with little to no checking of backgrounds or consideration of the effects on the American communities where these people are forcibly settled, using money from U.S. taxpayers themselves.

Because it is this wholesale importation of new voters, new dependents, members of a faith linked strongly to violence and oppression, that shows most clearly that our own government is out of control, disconnected from those it is supposed to represent and protect ... and willing to steer our country into fear and chaos to cement its own power.

What other reason could there be to enable such an unchecked invasion of one's homeland? It's like a head of household giving workers, squatters and boarders free access to his home, his supplies ... and his family.

Our survey ended with a chance to express one's confidence level on how well GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton would address the respondent's concerns. The possible answers were:

A) Very Confident B) Somewhat Confident C) Hopeful D) Not confident at all

The Clinton question was an easy 100 percent: Not confident at all.

About Trump, we got our only truly mixed result of the entire survey: 65 percent very confident; 34 percent hopeful; 1 percent not confident at all. No one was somewhat confident.

Our survey results did not bring many surprises. What they did bring, though, was a startlingly clear picture of a crisis situation and a national government that is doing nothing about it.

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