Baby with U.S. flag triggers full-blown leftist meltdown

August 25,2017


Progressives and leftists have turned so violent in recent days – ostensibly “protesting” President Trump – that they’ve even turned on their own.

WND reported earlier this week “alt-left” organizations such as Antifa have attacked left-wing Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

Now one of the most progressive organizations in the nation, the American Civil Liberties Union, is a target of left-wing outrage for posting a picture of a small child holding a U.S. flag.

Apparently, the supposedly tolerant, race-blind leftists objected to the fact that the child in ACLU’s post is white.

Another said: “A White kid with a flag?!”

The ACLU followed up with a message conceding its critics point.

“When your Twitter followers keep you in check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere,” said ACLU National.

The comment was accompanied by an image of Kermit the frog saying, “That’s a very good point.”

“Little kid with flag = white supremacy. Got it @ACLU good to know where you guys stand,” wrote Austin de la joya. “That 3 year old is definitely a neo-Nazi and threatens everyone that doesn’t look like me!”

Following the posting of images of a couple of black personalities, “Michael” wrote: “Point made: White supremacy is so normalized, pervasive, that tweeting images of Black people from Sci-Fi in reply prompts racist rants.”

Whereupon “Jeremy Perason” wrote, “Point made: Black supremacy is so normalized, pervasive, that tweeting images of White people prompts racist rants.”

“JoAnna Banana” had a solution: “If white children trigger libs this much I might have to have 5 or 6 more.”

“Pale Hominid” wrote, “Being white and not being actively, provably, vigorously engaged in destroying yourself and whites generally – makes you a neo-Nazi!”

And “Tyrone D Lewis” wrote: “You need help if a picture of a small white child triggers you. Does it take a lot of energy trying to be offended all the time?”

Fox News reported the ACLU tried to clarify its original intent with: “PSA: The future we want is babies in ACLU onesies. For more cute ACLU babies, follow us on Instragram!”

The report noted the ACLU has been taking heat from leftists recently for expressing support for the First Amendment rights of libertarian Milo Yiannopoulous and others, and also for saying it no longer would defend groups whose members brought guns to demonstrations.

Scott Greer at the Daily Caller noted that the ACLU represented the organizers of the demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, two weeks ago that became violent.

WND reported video of “anti-racist” protesters sucker-punching blacks.

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