Conservative youth group 'targeted' by fake Islamophobic poster at George Washington University

September 12,2017


A conservative youth group at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., says it was framed in an Islamophobic poster that was hung throughout campus.

"On Friday, members of GW YAF were made aware of an Islamophobic poster hung around various campus locations, with our organization's name on these posters," the Young America's Foundation chapter at GW said in a statement. "GW YAF is not affiliated with these posters in any way, shape, or form, and we are disgruntled by their contents. Targeting a religion and attempting to defame another organization in doing so is childish, revolting, and distasteful."

A photo of the poster, shared in a post by Spencer Brown, a spokesman for YAF, shows and explains what a "typical Muslim has." This includes "lasers in eyes," "venom in mouth," "hidden AK-47," "suicide vest," "hatred for women," and "peg-leg for smuggling children and heroine."

The poster, which claims to be from YAF, also promotes what it calls "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" in mid-October.

"GW YAF has been targeted with repeated acts of harassment, vandalism, and indecency for years, simply for being conservative," the GW YAF statement said. "We are calling on GW to fully investigate these posters, and finally take a stand for conservative students who are continually the targets of acts of harassment, vandalism, and defamation from liberal students."

GW announced Saturday that it had been notified on Friday of the "hateful" fliers "designed to look as if they were posted by an on-campus conservative student organization."

"The offensive fliers were immediately removed, and GW's Police Department is investigating the matter," a statement from the university said. "The university does not tolerate actions that make any member of the GW community feel unsafe. We expect that all our students, no matter what opinions they hold, will conduct themselves in the spirit of mutual respect that has long been a hallmark of this university."

Brown said "this cheap trick" was already attempted and "foiled" back in 2007, "when leftists attempted to smear GW YAF's name, but ultimately failed."

"Young America's Foundation strongly urges The George Washington University to hold accountable those who perpetrated this attempt to undermine conservative students by distributing these posters," he wrote. "Once again, the only hate on GW's campus is coming from the Left."

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