What are they teaching our children?

April 04,2017

Islam in our schools

Christian Action Network has been exposing the Islamic agenda promoted in our public schools for years. Following are some examples of Islamic lessons from around the country:

Above is taken from a worksheet given to 6th graders at Alston Middle School in South Carolina. In it, students must write, “Islam is a religion of peace." -- despite the violence and death wreaked by Islam across the globe -- and they must also write that God is called, “Allah.”

Above, children must complete the Five Pillars of Islam, which is the Islamic profession of faith. The directions tell students: "Look at the Five Pillars of Islam. Then read the statements from the Quran below.

The worksheet also teaches: “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.” And students are told that in order to be a good Muslim, they must pray five times a day, give alms, fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan and make a pilgrimage to Mecca “at least once in your lifetime.”

In the worksheet above students are told, “there is no God but Allah.” And, “Muslims have a stronger faith than Christians." They are also taught that “All people must submit to Allah.”

More examples:

Tenth-grade students were asked to design an Islamic pamphlet that would make Islam appealing to elementary students. (Jennison High School, Michigan)

Ninth-grade students were instructed to write: “Most Muslims have a stronger faith than the average Christian.” (Porter Ridge HS, North Carolina)

Students had to learn vocabulary words by employing them into Islamic sentences. (Farmville Central HS, North Carolina)

Seventh-grade students were required to watch a video on “how to pray as a Muslim.” (Olmstead Falls, Ohio)

Eleventh-grade students were told to write: “Allah is the same god that is worshipped in Christianity and Judaism.” (La Plata HS, Maryland)

Seventh-grade students had to write: “All people must submit to Allah.” (Manhattan Beach Middle School, California)

Students were asked to make a “group mural” of the Five Pillars of Islam. (Canyon Lake Middle School, California)

Students listened to the morning Pledge of Allegiance being recited in Arabic. (Pine Bush HS, New York)

Tenth-grade students were given an assignment to design an Islamic prayer rug. (Lyman High School, Florida)

Students had to learn: “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah.” (Revere Middle Schools, Massachusetts)

Sixth-grade students were taken on a tour of a mosque and instructed on how to pray as a Muslim. (Wellesley Middle School, Massachusetts)

Students were asked to write “There is no God but Allah” in calligraphy. (Riverheads HS, Virginia)

Children were asked to draw pictures of Muhammad. (Peach Street Kindergarten, Georgia)

Students were assigned a project to make a “Five Pillars of Islam” wall poster that was displayed in the school hallway. (Wichita Elementary, Kansas)

Ninth-grade students were asked to draw a propaganda poster for an Islamic terrorist organization. (Salem Junior High, Utah)

Seventh-grade students were given a worksheet that praised Sharia law, polygamy, forced marriages and women wearing the burqa. (Highland Hills Middle, Indiana)

Girls put on burqas as part of geography lesson. (Lumberto HS, Texas)

Children were taught to sing an Islamic fight song with the words, "Allah is on the way." (Spring View Middle School, California)

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