CAN Condemns False Reports About “Muslims of America”

July 19,2017

By Martin Mawyer

There have been a number of false and misleading reports over the past couple weeks regarding an Islamic terrorist organization, called “Muslims of America,” (MOA) that is headquartered in Hancock, NY.

Misinformed bloggers have been releasing fake news reports about a 70-acre compound, known as Islamberg, claiming that it has been raided by police with the discovery of illegal weapons.

These reports are FALSE.

Though it is true that a member of MOA has been arrested on 15 counts of felony weapons charges with one misdemeanor count of theft, these charges are not based on anything found at the controversial compound located in upstate New York.

Ramadan Abdullah was arrested on June 13, 2017 after trying to steal ammunition from a local Gander Mountain store in Johnson City. The arrest lead police to a storage locker being rented by Mr. Abdullah that contained a number of assault rifles, pistols, ammunition, flak jackets and weapon feeders.

Mr. Adbullah has been a member of MOA since its inception in 1980.

Informants inside MOA have told Christian Action Network that leaders explained that the weapons were destined for Islamberg in preparation for an opposition biker rally that was held on July 15th. The weapons were seized before the rally ever took place.

The sources were dismissive, however, that the weapons actually had anything to do with the biker rally, instead believing they were being obtained for a different purpose.

Still, there is no indication or proof that the weapons ever arrived at the MOA complex or were ever used by members inside the heavily guarded premises of Islamberg.

CAN wants to be clear that it has no knowledge of MOA being raided by any law enforcement division (state, federal or local) and has no knowledge of any seizures of weapons (legal or illegal) inside the Islamberg compound.

Articles stating that MOA has been raided, or that weapons were discovered inside the compound, are false, misleading, unnecessarily inflammatory, inaccurate and an exercise of the worse possible journalism.

We ask all those who are sharing this untruthful information to refrain and stop. And we absolutely CONDEMN in the strongest words possible ANY blogger(s) that are stating MOA was “raided” or “found to have illegal weapons” on its premises.

We ask that all such bloggers issue an IMMEDIATE retraction. Any author attributing to CAN that it has reported that the MOA compound was either raided or found to have illegal weapons will face legal action.

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