Coach fired for praying in public!

February 07,2017

It’s reasons like the above headline that we started our crowdfunding campaign to publish both a book and film called, "The United States: A Christian Nation."

Here’s the outrage:

Joe Kennedy is a high school football coach at Bremerton School District in Washington State.

Did I say he “is” a football coach?

I’m wrong. He “was” a football coach, because he was fired.


Well, he committed the great “offense” of taking a knee in prayer at the 50-year-line after a football game, which he has done after every game for the past eight years.

He was previously told to stop this horribly offensive act. But he refused. And of course, he was fired.

(As a side note, isn’t it infuriating that students and teachers can diss the national anthem and the American flag at a football game and NO ONE gets reprimanded, fired or scolded?)

Joe took his humble, head-bowing, silent prayer case to court. But last month U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton declined to reinstate him.

You might very well ask:

Since when has it been illegal to pray on public land? He bowed his head. He took a knee. He didn’t utter a word! How is this illegal?

This is madness.

But there’s something you and I can do.

We can get the production of our book and film completed so we can distribute them to ...

... libraries, schools, civic organizations, pastors and government leaders.

We need to remind America that the United States IS a Christian Nation.

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Our book and film is based on the 1892 U.S. Supreme Court ruling by Justice David Brewer, who declared: ”This is a Christian Nation.”

Justice Brewer followed that historic ruling by writing a book called, The United States: A Christian Nation.

In this book we learn how Christianity helped shaped American politics, freedoms, education, welfare, health care and laws.

We are republishing that book and bringing it up to date by including a foreword and afterword by me, Martin Mawyer.

We are also taking select portions of Brewer’s book and putting it into a short documentary film, with the same title.

But we need help to finish production of the book and film so we can distribute them to influential outlets.

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My friend, we can look at cases like Joe Kennedy and get mad, bang our fists and complain to our friends.

But what are we going to do about it?

If Americans can’t offer prayer in public places, we have forfeited our very basic, fundamental First Amendment rights.

Are you willing to give up those rights? I pray not.

It’s worth noting that Joe was not only told he couldn’t pray on the 50-yard line, but he was also told he couldn’t kneel or even bow his head.

This is sad. This is disheartening. And it’s very frightening.

And let me just offer some words to those agitators who refused to allow Joe Kennedy the right to bow or kneel before his God.

“As surely as I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.” Romans 14:11

That’s EVERY knee! You too, Judge Ronald Leighton. And it won’t be at a 50-yard line. It will be in front of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Please join our campaign today. Thank you!