Murder charge on NY store clerk proves the ‘city is turned upside down’

Woman stabs store clerk Jose Alba while he was defending himself from her boyfriend's violent attack

Here’s our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots:

​Murder charge on NY store clerk proves the ‘city is turned upside down’

As Jose Alba, 61, was being violently assaulted by a man in a Harlem bodega, the store clerk grabbed a knife in self-defense and fatally stabbed his attacker.

The confrontation began when a female customer didn’t have sufficient funds on her EBT debit card to purchase a bag of chips for her daughter.

The unidentified mother became angry when he refused to hand over the bag of chips for free. She promised to have her boyfriend, 35-year-old Austin Simon, come “f***” him up, which she did and then Simon did.

After tossing Mr. Alba around in the store, Mr. Simon demanded the store clerk apologize to his girlfriend. Simon then grabbed the clerk by the collar and proceeded to drag him, presumably to force an apology to his girlfriend.

Alba picked up a knife from a counter as he was being manhandled and reportedly stabbed Simon five times, killing him. The girlfriend also got into the fray, pulling a knife from her purse and stabbing Alba four times.

The prosecutor’s office, headed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, charged Alba with second-degree murder and demanded a $500K bond, which a judge reduced to $250k. Unable to afford the hefty bail, the elderly store clerk was escorted to the notorious prison, Rikers Island.

After a public outcry, the judge had a heart and reduced Alba’s bail to $50,000, something he could afford. Mr. Alba was then released from jail.

And what about the unidentified girlfriend who stabbed Alba four times?

She wasn’t charged at all. The prosecutor’s office decided SHE was the once acting in self-defense, not Alba.

Wait! The woman threatens violent harm against the store clerk, brings in her boyfriend to “eff” him up, then stabs him four times, but SHE is the one acting in self-defense?

Rightly did the editorial board of the NY Post write:

“Thanks to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, New York is a city turned upside down…Jose Alba needs to be free. Alvin Bragg needs to be out of office.”

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots, our team pounces on George Soros and his handpicked prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, for ignoring a fundamental right of all Americans – the right of self-defense for the INNOCENT!

UPDATE: On July 19, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg dropped the murder charge against Jose Alba.

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