Book Notes How First American Koran Included a Must-Read Introduction

The first copy of the Koran in America included an introduction that President Thomas Jefferson likely read as the young nation struggled to understand the conflict focused on Libya. It noted, "a long conference of God, the angels and Mohamet, which that false prophet very grossly invented." (PJ Media photo)

PJ Media – Raymond Ibrahim’s Sword and Scimitar . . . is a singular modern achievement. The author combines lucid scholarship with nearly extinct modern intellectual courage when it comes to analyzing Islam’s 14-century, ongoing history of predatory jihad warfare against Christendom.

As the late Islamologist Maxime Rodinson warned (p.59) almost a half-century ago, the dominant — and anti-intellectual — trend in the “academic” study of Islam has become this: “Understanding has given away to apologetics pure and simple.”

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