Caitlyn Jenner Joins the Fight Against Biden’s Transgender Title IX Proposal

Bruce Jenner was Olympic decathlon winner in 1976

Yet again, Joe Biden is tearing at the very fabric of our society in a subject that’s more infuriating than accidentally stepping on a rusty nail.

Let’s dive headfirst into the latest liberal assault on common sense: Joe Biden’s Title IX proposal, an attempt to obliterate women’s sports as we know it.

You’re not alone if you’re left outraged after reading this.

Even Caitlyn Jenner, Olympic gold medalist and the world’s most recognizable transgender has come forward to call out Biden’s disastrous proposal.

Jenner knows a thing or two about sports, having competed and triumphed in the men’s decathlon back when she was known as Bruce Jenner. And now, she’s standing up against this ludicrous idea, arguing that it’s an attempt to destroy women’s sports.

During an interview with OutKick’s Tomi Lahren, Jenner expressed his concerns quite clearly: “I think we have to make sure that the integrity of girls’ sports is there. I think that’s extremely important.”

So, let me break it down for you, just in case the sheer insanity of this proposal hasn’t hit you yet.

The Biden administration wants to allow transgender athletes, particularly those who were born male but identify as female, to compete against biological females in sports.

“Preventing students from participating on a sports team consistent with their gender identity can stigmatize and isolate them,” says the Biden administration.

Under the Education Department’s suggested regulation, schools or colleges receiving federal funding would be prohibited from implementing a “one-size-fits-all” policy that universally prevents transgender students from participating in sports teams in accordance with their gender identity.

Instituting such policies would violate Title IX, meaning a loss of public funds to schools in violation.

And they don’t seem to care about the consequences as long as they can check off another box on their progressive to-do list.

Do they need to realize the inherent unfairness in this proposal? Has the left completely lost touch with reality? What happened to the days when our leaders made decisions based on logic and reason rather than pandering to a vocal minority?

As Jenner points out, this proposal undermines the hard work and dedication of countless female athletes who have fought tooth and nail for the right to compete and excel in their respective sports.

“Now, Joe Biden wants to destroy women – wants to destroy women’s sports by using this radical gender ideology by saying it’s just how you identify, it’s not your DNA. It is just how you identify to play women’s sports. It is wrong, it cannot go through,” Jenner said.

Their victories, their records, and their accomplishments will be overshadowed by this misguided attempt at “equality,” he added.

It’s time for us to stand up and say, “enough is enough.”

Our daughters, sisters, and friends deserve better than to have their dreams crushed by a politically motivated agenda. Let’s protect the integrity of women’s sports and ensure that our athletes can continue to compete fairly and proudly.



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