California Passes Legislation to Require ‘Gender Affirmation’ in Child Custody Battles

Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign legislation requiring judges to consider "gender affirmation" during custody battles. Picture credit: MidJourney

In yet another glaring example of the runaway train of radical left ideology, the California legislature has, unbelievably, embraced a bill that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of parental rights.

Last week, they sanctioned a bill mandating judges to essentially play gender therapists in child custody battles, evaluating a parent’s worthiness based on their affirmation of a child’s self-proclaimed transgender identity.

Assembly Bill 957, hiding behind the grandiose facade of a title, the “Transgender, Gender-Diverse, and Intersex Youth Empowerment Act”, breezed through the California Assembly with an almost scripted 57-16 vote, only days after the state senate gave it a nod with a 30-9 margin.

Dressed up as an amendment for “the best interests of the child” in the state Family Code, this bill introduces so-called “comprehensive factors,” which now force judges to wade into the contentious waters of gender politics.

It mandates that the affirmation of a child’s gender identity or expression be a key determinant in the custody verdicts, a development that reeks of indoctrination and governmental overreach.

According to this dangerous document, the role of the judge is now to assess which home fosters better ‘gender affirmation’, which, according to them, promotes the “overall health and well-being” of the child.

This absurd and unprecedented criteria stands as a blatant attempt to inject radical ideologies into family lives further, ignoring the nuanced and individual nature of each family unit.

The force behind this bill is none other than Democratic assembly member Lori Wilson who cites personal inspirations drawn from her transgender son.

In her words, acceptance of LGBTQ+ youth is pivotal in battling depression and substance abuse, an argument that stands on shaky ground, conveniently disregarding many other vital factors that contribute to a child’s mental well-being.

Even Elon Musk, a figure not known to shy away from controversy, blasted this legislation, denouncing it as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and an embodiment of “utter madness.”

Musk, who himself faced a battle against the indoctrination of his transgender child at an elite Californian private school, warns of the dangerous precedence this bill sets, potentially stripping parents of their rightful autonomy in child-rearing decisions.

Earlier in June, groups championing parental rights took to the streets, assembling outside the State Capitol in Sacramento to voice their justifiable concerns against the bill.

Erica Friday, a dedicated community organizer and co-founder of the group OurDuty, echoed the sentiment of countless worried parents, recounting how Child Protective Services arrived at her doorstep for her refusal to succumb to this wave of coerced gender affirmation.

“It happened to me when I refused to call my daughter by a male name and use male pronouns. CPS [Child Protective Services] showed up at my doorstep. The police followed,” Friday told CBS News.

Yet, despite these voices of reason and the rallying cry for sanity, Governor Gavin Newsom, a man clearly aligned with radical progressive ideologies, stands ready to seal this deal, demonstrating a staggering disconnect with the genuine concerns of numerous Californian parents.

It seems that the Golden State is fast becoming a breeding ground for the assault on traditional family values, paving the way for government intrusion into the sanctity of the home.

One can only watch with anger and disbelief as the story unfolds, potentially heralding a grim future for the state’s parental rights and child welfare.


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