Canada Court Allows Jihadist Attacker to Attend College, Roam Free

Ayanle Hassan Ali, who in 2016 attacked a military recruitment center, injuring two people with a knife, is allowed to attend college courses near the hospital ward where he is restricted. An Ontario judge found that while Ali carried out the attack based on his extremist beliefs, the formation of those beliefs was precipitated by mental illness. (Police photo)

CBC News – Ontario’s top court upheld a decision allowing a man to eventually take college classes on his own, who was found not criminally responsible for his knife attack at a Toronto military recruitment center.

The appeal court said the Ontario Review Board considered all the required factors last year in granting Ayanle Hassan Ali permission to attend Mohawk College unaccompanied when staff at the secure Hamilton hospital where he’s detained deem he is ready.

The three-judge panel added it was “not unreasonable” for the board to ban Ali from known military facilities or centers. . . Prosecutors challenged the board’s ruling, saying too much consideration was given to Ali’s needs and too little to public safety.

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