Canadian candidate ousted for not supporting abortion

The former Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Green Party candidate, Marthe Lépine, says she believes the party's decision to kick her out was discriminatory.

Former Glengarry-Prescott-Russell candidate of the Green Party of Canada, Marthe Lépine, was dropped over her online comments against abortion on Sunday.

However, Lépine claims that she will continue her campaign despite the obvious discrimination from her own party.

John Chenery, Green Party director of communications, through a statement released on Monday told, “The Green Party will always fight for access to timely, safe, legal abortions. It recently came to light through social media posts that Ms. Lépine does not support this position so she has been removed as a candidate.”

It is still unclear as to which social media posts was the party referring to. However, Global News after much searching found several comments from Lépine, including a comment from five years ago that states she is “strongly against abortion.”

More recently, Lépine commented that “I happen to be a candidate for the Green Party in Canada’s upcoming elections, and some people are scrutinizing anything on line in order to find a shadow of a hint of any statement than [sic] can possibly be deemed as not politically correct.”

The former Green candidate believes that the decision to deny her from running was a form of discrimination. 


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