Chicago Man Warns ‘All Would Meet Allah’ if Demands Not Met

Musatdin M. Muadinov decided that he must enforce divine judgement against the sin of gambling and delivered an ultimatum to police, to arrange a meeting with President Donald Trump or else all would be dead and sent to Allah for judgement. (Police released mug-shot photo)

Casino Times – A Chicago man who told police he wanted to take over and destroy casinos remained in custody in Kane County on nearly $1-million bail on charges of felony disorderly conduct connected to alleged threats to bomb the Hollywood Casino in Aurora, Illinois.

A released affidavit claimed Musatdin M. Muadinov, 30, while detained by police Feb. 12, vowed to pray for Allah to destroy the casino, and he demanded to meet with President Donald Trump. He added if his demands were not met, “we all would meet Allah.”

He also told police he did not want to hurt anyone, but . . . was delivering a message from Allah, to believe that gambling is a sin.

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