Child Trafficking, Kidnappings For Caravans Plagues Tijuana, Mexico

Adult age illegal immigrants can be processed faster, be detained for less time and have their asylum claims expedited sooner if they buy or steal a small child to claim as their own, a practice that causes terror among poor communities in Tijuana, Mexico. (Getty Images photo)

The Christian Post – Authorities are investigating claims that migrant men in Tijuana, Mexico, are attempting to buy children from poor, single mothers living at shelters to increase their chances of release from U.S. border detention centers sooner and gaining asylum. 

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that women staying at Tijuana shelters fear their children will be kidnapped after seeing groups of men approaching mothers, offering to purchase their children. 

Children accompanied by adults crossing the border, current U.S. law stipulates, ought to be held in custody temporarily then released with parents or guardians with whom they arrived to wait for their asylum cases to be processed.

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