Children as young as 12 are invited to learn the ‘art of drag’ at Seattle museum

The Seattle Museum of Pop Culture Summer Camp/ Facebook

Can any doubt remain that they are after your kids, anyone’s kids, everyone’s kids?

A Seattle museum is offering a summer camp where middle school and high school students can learn to dress up in drag and be campy, gender-bending sex objects as their parents look on in pride. The Seattle Museum of Pop Culture is even advertising a camp mentor-performer whose drag “persona” is country music icon Dolly Parton.

That’s right: middle school and high school students who should be learning about math, writing, logic, science, history and art are the target of “Drag-tastic Summer Camp: The Art of Drag.” Children “aged 12-18” are invited to the privately operated Seattle museum from Aug. 8-12 for the weeklong camp led by Seattle drag performer Joshua Hancock.

On the camp activity list is “explore self-expression” and instruction on how to create a drag persona, a name and a costume. All for only $400.

The summer camp has been held in past years, but the invitation to middle schoolers is new territory.

In a statement to FOX News, a museum spokesperson said part of the museum’s mission is to “celebrate creativity with all members of our community.” Which apparently includes sex-based creativity with underage kids.

“Like any other arts enrichment program, we are proud to offer an opportunity for young people to use drag to explore self-expression through creating characters and performances that express and uplift their unique identities,” the spokesperson said.

The museum was established two decades ago and offers exhibits on various aspects of popular culture, including film, music, and video games.


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