Christian Iranian is Told His Bible is Too Violent For England

Islamic authorities want to kill him, and now the British Home Office won't let him live. The Bishop of Durham, Right Rev Paul Butler, said the Home Office decision to deny a convert to Christianity asylum based on the Christian Bible being a violent book was based on a profound misunderstanding of the texts. (Getty Images)

The Times – The Home Office refused asylum to an Iranian who converted from Islam to Christianity because, it said, Christianity was not a peaceful religion.

Immigration officials wrote to the man, who had converted to Christianity on the ground that it was a peaceful religion, citing violent passages from the Bible to support their claim. They said that the Book of Revelation was “filled with imagery of revenge, destruction, death and violence.”

The Church of England condemned the “lack of religious literacy” after the man said that he now faced persecution in Iran for his faith. Church officials called for a “serious overhaul” of Home Office policies.

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