Christian Judge Roy Moore Stands Again, Running for Senate

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Judge Roy Moore, whose campaign for U.S. Senate fell 17,000 votes short in 2017 because of dubious allegations and coordinated leftist media campaigns against him is running for a rematch against leftist Democrat Doug Jones,. (WHNT photo)

Christian firebrand Judge Roy Moore of Alabama refuses to quit.

He announced Thursday that he is running for the U.S. Senate seat he narrowly lost in a special election 18 months ago. Moore held a press conference to stake his claim to the 2020 Senate race as an extension of the campaign upended by dubious 11th-hour allegations.

The famed advocate for the Bible’s 10 Commandments said his refusal to leave the public stage would lift up a scion of vigilance against national Democrat leftists and Republican moderates.

“Why does the mere mention of my name cause people to get up in arms in Washington, D.C.? Is it because I’m a staunch conservative? Is it because I believe in strong rights for people?” Moore asked.

“Yes, I will run for the U.S. Senate,” he added. “They know I won’t sell out to the swamp serpents once safely in office as many of them did when they got to D.C.

“I’m running for one reason: to return the acknowledgement of God and a respect for the U.S. Constitution to Congress.”

Judge Roy Moore of Alabama stakes a claim to being attacked and undermined by insider-connected political operatives using fabricated tactics of personal destruction the way that the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Brett Cavanaugh was, and the tactics must fail. (KPRC photo)

Moore claimed a host of enemies across the political spectrum, both Democrat and Republican, indicate a need to improve upon past strategies: he must achieve more personal contact with voters, meeting more Alabamans personally.

“The Establishment are on the attack,” Moore warned. “They hate the fact that I live by my principles, and that I’ll vote that way too.

“That’s why [Republican Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell and the entire establishment hate me, and it’s exactly why they colluded with Liberal Democrat Doug Jones in 2017,” he added.

“They’re frightened at the thought of a U.S. Senator who is unashamed of our values and unashamed of our deeply-held beliefs as conservatives and as Christians.”

Moore said it is all about God and country.

“I’m running for U.S. Senate to take a stand for God, morality, the Constitution and our traditional values,” Moore said.

Despite many attacks against Judge Roy Moore funded by billionaires in collusion with Republican establishment figures such as U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, exploited by the Democratic Party as their primary focus of priority, Moore still stands up as a candidate of significant bearing in Alabama. (Facebook photo)

“But just like last time, Mitch and the rest of the swamp will pull out all the stops to keep our values out of Congress.”
But according to Moore, a victory over Jones, the Democrats, McConnell and the D.C. elites will embolden conservative patriots across the country to rise up.

It will become a clear, “challenge to the RINO’s to elect a constitutional majority in Congress to support President Trump in 2020,” Moore said.

Socialist U.S. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon took notice of Moore’s announcement, calling Moore a child predator, right-wing zealot and a threat to his friend, U.S. Senator Doug Jones.

“Moore is an absolute disgrace who has no place in public life,” Wyden said, and “Moore is a dishonest former judge and hard-right zealot who was twice removed from the bench for ethical violations.”

The controversy aimed against Moore includes two accusations alleging sexual advances that did not result in actual sexual activity involving teenage youth less than 18 years of age.

I have taken a polygraph test. I have done everything I can do. These are false claims: false information

Judge Roy Moore

A Washington Post article late in the campaign season couched one such claim among four stories of teenage youth who said Moore asked about them in ways that approximated courtship in Alabama in the 1970s.

Leftist media used the crafted story to create a narrative regarding the youth aged 16 or older as if to castigate Moore as a continuous predator seeking children for sexual acts of rape.

No claims of rape were ever made or mentioned.

The accusations by two specific women regarding claimed incidents of a sexual nature resulted in civil counter claims by Moore.

The cases are stalled because the women refuse to comply with requests to provide their claim details so that Moore’s side may provide a response.

Moore denied sexual misconduct made by two women now in their 60s who said that when they were teenagers Moore behaved in an ungentlemanly manner that fell short of sexual assault.

“I have taken a lie detector test, I have taken a polygraph test. I have done everything I can do,” Moore said. “These are false claims: false information.”


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