Christian persecution at an all-time high, claims Sam Brownback

U.S. Senator Sam Brownback says Christian persecution has reached an all-time high

Sam Brownback, the United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, stated in his keynote address that hostility towards Christians worldwide has grown to unprecedented levels. 

Brownback gave his address in Washington, DC at the sixth annual Solidarity Dinner which was hosted by In Defense of Christians (IDC). 

IDC is a Washington-based non-partisan and non-profit human rights organization that advocates for a Middle East, where the rights of all are respected and protected, regardless of their faith and religion. 

The former Kansas governor while receiving the Charles Malik Human Rights Award for his work done in the Middle East said that people were being killed just because of their faith. That, these people were good and honest, simply looking for a way to practice their faith peacefully. 

Brownback, further added, that the situation in the Middle East for Christians had reached a critical point. Hopes for a multi-religious Middle East would not be possible if they were not successful since most Christians have already been driven out of the chaotic Middle East. 

He said that despite the gravity of the situation, the right concerted efforts in the next nine months could do more for religious freedom than the past two decades. He also urged for continued action and prayer on behalf of persecuted Christians. 


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