Christian printer turns down gay-heavy issue of university’s magazine

The cover of Due South's latest magazine, which Interstate Publishing declined to print.Courtesy of Sara Boone

The company that prints Due South, a student publication at the University of South Alabama, has “respectully declined” to print the latest issue of the magazine over its heavy emphasis on LQBT issues.

Interstate Printing, a Christian company, has been working with the University of South Alabama for more than four decades, it said. 

Due South has been printed by local business Interstate Printing since 2012, according to NBC News. However, when the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Sara Boone, sent over the latest issue for printing, she received an unexpected response.

“After reviewing the subject matter of the 2019 Fall edition of Due South, we must respectfully decline to print this issue of the publication,” Interstate Printing spokesperson Tracey Smith wrote in an email addressed to Boone that was provided to NBC News. “As the magazine expresses freedom of lifestyles, we must express our freedom by declining to print on the principle that we are a Christian company that does not adhere to the content.”

The email also said the company had been working with the University of South Alabama for more than 40 years and hopes to continue the relationship.

Boone said the issue was full of different stories about the campus community, featuring writing about race, body positivity, disability, religion and LGBTQ issues. She believes Interstate’s refusal to print the issue was due to its LGBTQ content.

Interstate Printing, which did not respond to NBC News’ request for comment, states on its company website that it is a Christian organization that “will serve the Lord God Almighty in any way we can.”

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