Church vandalized for opposing Drag Queen Story Hour

A church in Chula Vista, CA was vandalized this weekend due to their strong opposition to an upcoming city-run event called Drag Queen Story Hour.

For the past two weeks, South Bay Pentecostal Church Executive Pastor, Amado Huizar, has been an outspoken critic of an event to be held at the city’s public library.

Drag Queen Story Hour is a nationwide program that has been appearing in public libraries, bookstores, restaurants and civic centers throughout the country.

During the readings, men dress up as women with many of the “Queens” sporting beards, outlandish makeup and wigs.  The transsexual performers read books to children, some as young as three-years old, in an attempt to convince them its okay to switch their biological gender to the opposite sex.   

South Bay Pentecostal Church was vandalized over the pastor’s opposition to an upcoming Drag Queen Story Hour event to be held at the Chula Vista Public Library.

During the attack that took place inside the church, spray cans were used to paint vulgar phrases and words on the walls.

“Sure enough at every corner, there were phrases, hateful words, and graffiti on the walls of our church,” Pastor Huizar told ABC 10News.

Huizar said the church’s surveillance system saw two men parking a sedan in the church’s parking lot around 3:00 am Sunday morning, where they then approached the church. They returned to their car about 15 minutes later carrying what looked to be spray cans.

Huizar has filed a hate-crime report with Chula Vista Police and has asked for increased patrols.

“I’m very sad,” Huizar told ABC 10News.  “I’m heartbroken, but I am going to continue to speak.”

The Drag Queen Story Hour event is scheduled to be at the Chula Vista Public Library Civic center Branch on September 10, 2019.


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