Colorado university offers slew of resources for students offended by free speech events

Colorado State University website

American state universities, established to explore ideas and nourish thought and dialogue, are increasingly turning into incubators for intolerance and victimhood.

At Colorado State University the trend was recently made clear by the appearance of a poster listing services for students who have been “affected by a free speech event” on campus.

The services listed are heavy on offices and organizations that are pointedly not for white males, indicating that the school treats human beings of different ethnic appearance differently, and is proud of it.

The sign, covered by but first reported on by Campus Reform, lists 17 different departments or offices at the university to call if you are a nonwhite non-male student – or even university staffer – who has heard something you don’t agree with. The “resources” include Multicultural Counseling, Incidents of Bias Reporting, the Office of Equal Opportunity, a victim’s hotline and “diversity centers” for Asian Pacific, Black/African, and Native Americans.

Homosexuals and transgenders are also given the names of various services and cultural resources, for when their assumptions are challenged, as are students with disabilities and of course women in general, through the Women and Gender Advocacy Center, although some of those women are not guaranteed to be authentically female.

A photo of the sign was posted on Instagram by Turning Point USA Rockies Territory, a nonprofit that advocates for conservative values on campuses nationwide. The post accused the school of “intolerance.”

The fall 2021 semester at Colorado State saw several incidents of harassment of conservative students and groups. A student was filmed calling Turning Point group members “right-wing goons” and declaring that “disrupting one of your activities is actually probably one of the most ethical and best things I can do with my time.”

A week later, in October 2021, a student was filmed admitting to knocking down chapter property and slapping a member. The same fall, a student was caught stealing a sign opposing vaccine mandates after the university threatened students who didn’t register their vaccine status with arrest for trespassing.


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